Hostel Allotment

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Hostel Admissions

Boys Hostel Allotment - Second List- New Studetns

Download Undertaking for Hostel

Following selected candidates may download Challan form and deposit the fee in any HBL Branch. The copy of paid challan form must reach hostel office till The following cadidates have been selected for allotment of accomodation at CUI, Lahore Campus Boys Hostel for semester FALL- 2020. The respective candidates may download Challan form and deposit the fee within due date September 21, 2020. The copy of paid challan form and attached Undertaking must reach hostel office till September 22, 2020 thourgh postal mail to 'Ch. Muhammad Tariq, COMSATS University Lahore Campus, Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road Lahore' or email to

NameProgramHostel Dues Challan
Aamir Farooq S/O Ubaid ur RehmanBPHBoarding Challan
Abdul Hadi S/O Shahid Mehmood Boarding Challan
Abdul Hannan S/O Muhammad AfzalBBABoarding Challan
Abdul Wahab S/O Muhammad ShaukatBBABoarding Challan
Abdul WahabAli S/O Muhammad shakeelCHEBoarding Challan
Ahmad Ashraf S/O Muhammad AshrafBBABoarding Challan
Ahmad Bilal S/O Muhammad AfzalBCSBoarding Challan
Ahmad Raza S/O GHULAM NabiBBABoarding Challan
Ahsan mahmood S/O Muihammad AnwarCHEBoarding Challan
Ahsan Shahid S/O Shahid IkramBEEBoarding Challan
Ahsan Tariq S/O Tariq LatifBEEBoarding Challan
Ali Hamza S/O Abdul HafeezBEEBoarding Challan
Ali Hamza S/O Zafar IqbalBBABoarding Challan
Ali Shair S/O Muhammad AzeemBBABoarding Challan
Ameer Hamza S/O Muhammad sarwarBBABoarding Challan
Arslan Hassan S/O Qamar HassanBBABoarding Challan
Azrar Ul Hassan S/O Muhammad SabirBSMBoarding Challan
Burhan Ateeq S/O Ateeq ur RehmanBEEBoarding Challan
Farukh Javed S/O Muhammad Javed Boarding Challan
Fasih Ullah Khan S/O Ghulam Shabbir KhanBCEBoarding Challan
Fazeel Abbas S/O Bahawal SheirBCEBoarding Challan
Hammad Hassan S/O Muhammad Baber Ch.BCSBoarding Challan
Hassan Aziz S/O Muhammad AzizBSEBoarding Challan
Husnain Butt S/O M.Munir ButtBBABoarding Challan
Ifham Ali S/O Asghar aliBARBoarding Challan
Ihsan Muneer S/O Muhammad MuneerBSEBoarding Challan
Ihsan Ullah S/O Muhammad IqbalBPHBoarding Challan
jahanzaib Iqbal S/O Muhammad IqbalBSEBoarding Challan
Jamshaid Prince S/O Muhammad ManshaBPHBoarding Challan
Junaid Nadeem S/O Muhammad Nadeem AnwarBCSBoarding Challan
Kashif Karamat S/O Karamat AliBBABoarding Challan
Kashif Saleem S/O Noor MuhammadBPHBoarding Challan
M. Abubakar S/O Imdad HussainBSMBoarding Challan
M. Ali Raza S/O Raza -ul-HaqBAFBoarding Challan
M. Haris Butt S/O Qasir ButtBPHBoarding Challan
M. Haroon Khan S/O Muhammad Ayaz KhanBAFBoarding Challan
M. Mohsin S/O Muhammad RamzanBBABoarding Challan
M. Mubeen haider S/O Muhammad fidaBBABoarding Challan
M. Saif ur Rehman S/O Muhammad ArshadBBABoarding Challan
M. Umair S/O Muhammad AkramCHEBoarding Challan
M.Azeem umar S/O Muhammad tayyabBBABoarding Challan
Muhammad Anees S/O Muhammad ArshadBEEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Haroon Nasim S/O Nasim AhmadBCEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Ihtisham S/O Muhammad AshiqCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Naveed S/O Abdul HafeezBEEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Sami Ullah S/O Muhammad NaeemBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Usman S/O Muhammad ArshadBCEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Uzair S/O Muazam QamarBPHBoarding Challan
Muhammad Waqar Khizar S/O Khizar Hayat SherBSMBoarding Challan
Muneeb Ur Rehman S/O Muhammad AfzalBARBoarding Challan
Muzamal attique S/O Rubina AttiqueBSEBoarding Challan
Raheel Abbas S/O Amjad AbbasBEEBoarding Challan
Rai Rehman Ali Liaqat S/O Liaqat AliBAFBoarding Challan
Rana Zubair S/O Faqir HussainBEEBoarding Challan
Saif Ur Rehman S/O Abdul Kareem Boarding Challan
Sardar Abdul Wahab S/O Asmat UllahBSMBoarding Challan
Sardar Ammar Khalid S/O Sadar khalid malikBBABoarding Challan
Sharjeel Ahmad S/O Jalil AhmadBSTBoarding Challan
Shayan Zafar S/O Zafar IqbalBPHBoarding Challan
Shoaib Shaz S/O Asghar aliBEEBoarding Challan
Syed muraij Mubeen S/O Muhammad MubeenBCEBoarding Challan
Syed Qurat Ali S/O Syed MuzammilCHEBoarding Challan
Talha Hasnain S/O Muhmmad AminBEEBoarding Challan
Tariq Shahzad S/O Ghulam ShabbirBPHBoarding Challan
Tauseef Bin Tariq S/O Tariq Mehmood AnjumBAFBoarding Challan
Umair Asad S/O Asad mehmood Boarding Challan
Umar Sandhu S/O Muhammad Amjad Boarding Challan
Umer Ismail S/O Muhammad ismailBBABoarding Challan
Yasir Mubeen S/O Maqbool AliBSTBoarding Challan
Yasir Rasheed S/O Rasheed AhmadBAFBoarding Challan
Zubair Ahmad Rana S/O Tahzeeb AhmandBAFBoarding Challan

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