Master of Science in Computer Science - (MSCS)


The MS Computer Science program in department of computer science aims to provide a high quality education opportunity for the graduates who have a good scholastic background in computer science and want to boost their knowledge in the field. The program provides solid theoretical and practical foundations by offering the latest courses designed by leading experts in the field.

The MS program at CS department is designed with a view to fulfill the research and development requirements of the industry and the society. The students are exposed to the new challenges in the field of computer science and are well guided and trained to resolve these challenges through their research and innovative ideas. The MS program in Computer Science encourages students to optimize their skills and potentials to solve the contemporary problems of computer science. Innovative research with relevant and practical application is the driving force of our research vision. The department is also collaborating with leading industries and funding agencies in and outside the country for funding various research projects.

Areas of Specialization

Software Engineering

Advance software engineering, software project management, software quality assurance, knowledge based systems, reverse engineering are the major topics.

Semantic Web

This elective exposes the students to the exciting and challenging areas of semantic web, component software, semantic web services, web warehousing, and web mining.


Students are exposed to areas such as network security, distributed systems, advanced networks, wireless, and mobile networking.

Database System

Distributed-advanced-web databases, data warehousing and data mining, and object-oriented databases are the core subjects in the field of database.

Multimedia and Graphics

Computer graphics, geometric modeling, data structure of computer graphics, geographical information system, digital image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, and computer animation are the major components offered for the MS students opting for this specialization.

Program Structure

Scheme of Studies

Facilities for the Program

The Department of Computer Science offers the most advanced facilities to its students. We have fully equipped state-of-the-art lecture rooms, computer labs, high speed Internet, and networked environment.


The IT industry has potential to play a major role in boosting Pakistan’s economy as demonstrated by other Asian countries. Unlike other industries, the Information Technology industry mainly dependends on IT capabilities of its employees and not on the heavy machinery. The computer science graduates start their professional careers just after the completion of their bachelor degrees. However, after serving 2-3 years in the industry, most of the computer professionals require a higher degree to take their career to the next level. In order to enter in the field of academia, MS and PhD in the relevant field is the requirement. A limited number of universities in Pakistan offer good quality MS degree which is far less than the demand. The CUI is filling this gap by providing a degree structure par excellence for achieving a state of the art MS degree in the field of computer science.


The Graduate Program in Computer Science has been designed with the objectives that the students will

  1. Possess a breadth of knowledge in Computer Science, combined with a depth of knowledge in at least one focus area.
  2. Be capable of independent research in Computer Science.
  3. Be familiar with the literature in the field and be able to perform a literature search on an advanced topic in Computer Science.
  4. Be knowledgeable about the theoretical foundations of computing and have strong practical application experience.
  5. Be able to make a professional presentation and be able to write a research article in the field of Computer Science.
  6. Having experience working in teams and Faculty.
  7. Understand and respect the professional standards of ethics expected of a computer scientist.


Graduates with a degree in computer science have a wide range of career options open to them. The skills computer science students gain in logical analysis, software engineering, programming database development, computer graphics and multimedia technologies, networking, communication, information management, and project management open a whole new range of jobs in universities, research institutions, and in the CS and IT markets in Pakistan and abroad. A strong liaison of CUI with the industry provides an excellent opportunity to the students to understand the requirement and demand of the local industry from a computer scientist’s view point which helps them to acquire a better position in the market.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. A minimum of 16 years degree in Computer Science or Information Technology with minimum of first division (annual system) or CGPA of 2.5/4.0 (semester system) with no third division or D grade in academic career.
  2. NTS GAT (General, valid for CS) with 50% or higher marks and
  3. Interview
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