Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - (BSCS)


Program Overview

Computer Science is the study of the theoretical and practical aspects of computer technology and computer usage. The main purpose of CUI’s BS computer science is to provide students with a durable foundation, with a comprehensive set of electives so that computer scientists can be produced. Computer science major attracts students who are interested in both the mathematical theory and technical applications of computer science. Most employers look for students who are good computer scientists but also understand the tools and techniques of mathematics, science and industry and are able to communicate effectively. The CUI BS computer science program is also for the mathematically adept student who wishes to become a computing professional with knowledge of relevant applications areas. The degree path emphasizes problem solving using computer program design, analysis and implementation, and includes a theoretical foundation as well as “hand-on” experience..

Computer science covers a wide spectrum of areas within the field of computing, ranging from the theoretical to practical. Computer scientists can specialize in areas such as artificial intelligence, distributed systems, computer graphics, databases, human computer interaction and security.

Students take a core of computer science courses that provide a solid foundation for advanced work. Building on this base, students explore a variety of specializations from 6th semester onwards. In addition, students develop a broad appreciation for computer applications and the effects of computers on society via program electives, general education courses, and various free electives, which can be used to complete minors.

It is a four years program consisting of eight semesters. The maximum duration for completion of this degree is twelve semesters. The degree is awarded on completion of minimum 133 credit hours, including six credits for the project, with a passing CGPA of at least 2.0/4.0.


Computer science is one of the most charming career oriented field which possesses the immense growth and success in the field. The computer Scientist is able to cope up with lastest computer technologies and concepts. They are able to develop computer software and mobile application which are one of core requirements in the modern era.

As the world is getting modernized and influence of technology has strengthen the grips so it has increased the need of the computer specialist which can operate both hardware and software, so the worth of the computer scientist has been enhanced dramatically in the 21st century.


  • The program focuses on instilling comprehensive computer science knowledge among students and exposing them to issues involved in the development of scientific, educational and commercial applications of computer science.
  • The purpose of BS(CS) program is to produce graduates with a sound knowledge of Computer Science, contemporary technologies, and professional skills & ethics.

Program Structure


Educational Objective

The objective of the BS(CS) program in computer science is to produce graduates with:

  1. A thorough understanding of and ability to apply core principles and practices of computing;
  2. The professional skills to meet immediate needs of regional and other employers, while being able to adapt to rapidly changing technology;
  3. A foundation in supporting areas of communication, science, and mathematics;
  4. An understanding of ethical responsibilities in the social context in which their contributions occur;
  5. The motivation and preparation to engage in life-long learning, including entering advanced degree programs in computer science.

To achieve these objectives students should master the following expected competencies (learning-based outcomes).


Students should acquire knowledge of:

  1. Computing at all levels of abstraction, including: circuits and computer architecture; operating systems; programming languages, and algorithms
  2. The management and sharing of persistent data.
  3. The interdependence of hardware and software.
  4. Engineering principles used to meet the challenge of large-scale software production.
  5. Mathematical foundations of computer science.
  6. The impact of computing on society.
  7. The ethical and legal responsibilities of computing professionals.

Students should acquire the ability to:

  1. Develop program specifications from a variety of informal descriptions.
  2. Develop program designs from specifications under a variety of software paradigms/architectures.
  3. Use analytical techniques to evaluate and compare different designs that meet specifications.
  4. Adapt algorithms and data structures drawn from a large standard repertoire to new problems.
  5. Implement selected designs as programs in a variety of programming languages.
  6. Debug and test programs.
  7. Perform quantitative evaluation of program behavior by experiment.
  8. Assess new developments in computer science.
  9. Present the results of their work orally.
  10. Present the results of their work as written technical documents.
  11. Communicate with other members of development teams and with customers.


Admission Procedure

Admission to CUI is granted on the basis of open merit amongst the eligible candidates subject to the availability of seats in each program.

  1. The candidates may apply in response to admission notice appearing in the print media and on CUI website, on the prescribed application forms available in the prospectus and online, and submit the completed applications to the Admission Office by the due date.
  2. Candidates waiting for their result of F.A./F.Sc. or A-Level may also apply on the basis of Hope Certificate. Such candidates shall be granted provisional admission and their admission shall be confirmed on the submission of result meeting the prerequisite marks percentage (within one month from the first day of classes). Sample of Hope Certificate are provided in the prospectus.
  3. All eligible candidates are considered for admission into any degree program without any discrimination on the basis of caste, color, creed, gender, religion, or domicile.
  4. The merit list for each program is generated on the basis of previous academic record of the applicant and his/her performance in the admission (NTS) test.
  5. All admissions shall be regulated on the basis of merit determined by the weight age criteria as mentioned below:
For Bachelor DegreePercentage weightage
Matric or equivalent10%
Intermediate or equivalent40%
NTS test50%

How to Apply Online?

  1. Sign Up at Online Admissions System
  2. Email Authentication After successful sign up please activate your account by authenticating your email address (to authenticate, please follow the link sent in your email from Admission System).
  3. Login your admission account using the login panel given at the right side of your screen.
  4. Enter your application details in the 6 sections (visible after login).
  5. Submit your application using the "Submit Application Form" link (visible after login).
  6. Print your Application Form and NTS Challan Form (visible after login).
  7. Submit Printed Application Form, Required documents (list is given in admission form) and Paid NTS Challan form, Application prcessing fee Rs. 1000/- ( if you have not purchased a prospectus for current Session) to CUI Admission Office, if you have purchased a prospectus for current session then please attach the admission form in prospectus with your printed application form.
  8. NTS Test Slip will be issued to you at the Admission Office.

Eligibility Criteria for Fall 2020 Batches onward

  • At least 50% marks in Intermediate (HSSC) examination with Mathematics or equivalent qualification with Mathematics, certified by IBCC. OR At least 50% marks in Intermediate (HSSC) examination with Pre-Medical or equivalent qualification, certified by IBCC.
  • Deficiency: Students with pre-medical must have to pass deficiency courses of Mathematics of 06 credit hours in first two semesters.
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