Admissions FAQs

General Information

Is COMSATS a public or private sector university?

COMSATS University Islamabad is a public sector university which was awarded the status of a degree awarding institute (DAI) by the federal government of Pakistan in August 2000. CUI was granted the status of a university in 2018.

What are the directions to reach at Lahore Campus?

For campus directions visit the link:

What are the office hours of Lahore campus?

CUI, Lahore campus is opened from Monday to Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.

Is COMSATS a public or private sector university

COMSATS University Islamabad is Federally Chartered, Public sector University which was awarded the status of a degree awarding institute (DAI) by the federal government of Pakistan in August 2000.CUI was granted the status of a university in 2018.

Is University recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan?

Yes, University is recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

Does Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) recognize engineering programs of CUI?

Yes, All the engineering programs offered by CUI are recognized by the Pakistan Engineering Council.

Do NCEAC and NBEAC recognize computer science and Management Science programs of CUI?

Yes, all degree programs at all campuses of CUI are recognized by HEC and their relevant accreditation bodies.

How many campuses does university have?

There are seven campuses of CUI.

Islamabad campus, Lahore campus, Abbottabad Campus, Sahiwal Campus, Vehari Campus, Wah Campus, Attock Campus

What is system of education being followed at CUI?

CUI follows semester system. There are two semesters in a year i.e Spring (February – June) and Fall (September – January)

Is there any age limit for applying for admission in Undergraduate degree programs?

There is no age limit. CUI provides equal opportunity to all the applicant purely on merit bases.

Does COMSATS Lahore Campus have library facility?

Yes, all the campuses of COMSATS have state-of-the-art modern library facilities, having access to specialized digital resources and databases. Sufficient subject-wise books and journals are also available.

Is there any self-finance / quota system in COMSATS?

No, admissions are offered on open merit basis.

What are the various engineering programs offered at Lahore campus?

CUI Lahore Campus is offering undergraduate engineering programs in the following disciplines:

What are the various non-engineering undergraduate programs being offered at Lahore campus?

Please visit the undergraduate programs link. for this information:

In which disciplines COMSATS is offering a graduate degree program?

Please visit the graduate degree programs link for detailed information about graduate degree programs;

What is the eligibility criteria of admission in graduate / undergraduate program(s)?

Kindly visit the eligibility criteria link for this about all the undergraduate/graduate programs offered in Lahore campus.

Is there any part time degree program offered in COMSATS Lahore Campus?

No. At present, CUI Lahore campus is offering only full time programs.

Is there any weekend program offered in COMSATS Lahore campus?

At present, MS in Mathematics and MS in Physics are the weekend programs offered at COMSATS Lahore campus.

Is there any self-finance seats quota for admission at CUI, Lahore campus?

No. All admissions in CUI, Lahore campus are confirmed on open merit basis.


When does admission open at CUI Lahore campus?

CUI Lahore campus offers admissions twice a year; in Fall & Spring. Fall admissions tentatively commence in June and Spring admissions tentatively commence in October of each year.

If an undergraduate candidate is not a fresh candidate, how will it impact his/ her admission application process?

"It will not have an impact on his/her admission application. No extra marks will be deducted due to gap years."

Can a medical student apply for BS CS, BS SE and BS Physics programs?

Yes, medical students can apply for BS CS and BS SE programs. All such students must pass deficiency courses of Mathematics of 6 credit hours within one year of their regular studies.

Pre medical students admitted in BS Physics will have to pass basic mathematics course in first two semesters.

If a graduate candidate is not a fresh graduate, how will it impact his/ her admission application?

It will not impact his/her admission application.

I have given my intermediate/ equivalent exams but my result is not announced yet, Am I eligible to apply for admission?

Yes, you can apply on result awaiting status. You will have to submit your result within a month of the commencement of your classes. In case your score is less than the required eligibility criteria, then you will not be allowed to attend the classes further. In addition, your full submitted fee will be returned.

How the aggregate merit is calculated?

The aggregate merit for various programs is calculated as follows:




10% Matric

5% Matric

5% Matric

40% inter/equivalent


5% Inter

50% NTS

25 % BS 4 year

15% BS 4 year

40% GAT (general)

20% MS

20% Interview

25% GAT (Subject)

30% Interview

Does work experience count in the calculation of my aggregate merit for admission in MS program?

No. Work experience does not count to the merit for admission in MS or any other graduate program.

Admission procedure for multiple campuses and required documents.

The candidate will have to fill out a separate online form for each campus. Attach all the documents along with online form, chalan form (separate chalan form for each campus), NTS registration fee (only for one campus), and send it to the respective campus of choice.

Should Applicant submit/deposit any paid chalan copies to the admission office of campus?

No need to send paid chalan form copies or any other documents to the admission office. Applicant needs to just upload his paid chalan copies online with his admission form.

What are the various categories of scholarships that COMSATS offeres?

For scholarship details visit the link:

How will I know about my admission application status?

Merit list of all candidates will be displayed on the official university website. Candidates will also be informed individually about their admission status via text messages and emails.

Does CUI entertain transfer/migration cases?

CUI does not have credit hours transfer policy from any National or International Institute/university. However, a student of CUI can transfer his/her credit hours to other university either national or international.

If I am filling the admission form and my online admission portal is stuck due to any reason, what should I do


In case the admission page is not loading properly, the applicant is advised to change / update the web browser e.g Google chrome; opera etc. if still the problem exists then contact admission office via e-mail or through chat option in the admission portal.

Is application processing fee refundable?

No,The processing fee is non-refundable.

Is admission processing fee for one campus acceptable for all other campuses?

No, the candidate must submit admission processing fee for each campus separately through challan form available on admission portal.

Is it necessary to send the hard copy of processing fee paid challan form to Admission Office of the campus?

There is no need to send the hard copy to Admission Office, but it is mandatory for each applicant to upload the image of their paid challan while filling-up the application in online admission portal.

Can I edit information in my admission application


Yes, you can edit your online admission form before submission. Once, your admission form is submitted then the candidate cannot edit any information on admission form.

How can I edit my information on submitted admission form?

To edit your information on the already submitted admission form, You will contact the admission office and submit an editing request either via e-mail or through the message center available in the online admission portal.

Does CUI allow result awaiting candidate to apply for admission at Undergraduate level?

Yes, COMSATS allows the result awaiting applicants of F.Sc (Part-2) to apply for admission on the basis of their F.Sc part-1 result having no “F” grade in each course. However, the merit of the A-Level (A2) result awaiting student will be determined based on Matric/O-level submitted equivalence certificate (issued by IBCC) at the time of admission. 

What will be status of my admission in case of result awaiting

? You will be offered provisional / conditional admission which will be confirmed after submission and verification of your SSC/O-Level and HSSC/A-level Certificate.

Can I apply for admission in CUI having a Supply in FA / F.Sc part-1 Exam?

Student having supply in FA / F.Sc part-1 cannot apply for admission. However, they can apply for admission in the next session with complete FA / F.Sc pass result.

A student who has given improvement exams (FA / F.Sc) and is waiting for final result, can he / she apply for admission?

They can only apply for admission on the basis of their old/available FA / F.Sc complete results subject to meeting the eligibility criteria of a program. However, they can update their FA / F.Sc improved result by contacting Admission Office once the result is announced by their respective board before the merit list is published. After the display of the merit list, improved F.Sc results will not be considered.

I have completed my FA / F.Sc. Can I mention overall complete FA/F.Sc result?

Student who have completed their FA/F.Sc/ A-Levels are required to mention overall FA/F.Sc result.

Can Pre-medical students with Additional Maths (result awaiting) apply in Engineering programs?

Yes, they can apply for admission on the basis of the F.SC part-1 exam. However they will be treated as a result awaiting candidate and while filling up the admission form they will mention their F.Sc – part-1 result and furnish Affidavit on the stamp paper that he/she appeared for Additional Maths exam prior to applying for admission in CUI.

Is it mandatory for an applicant who has completed O-level and A-level to obtain equivalence from IBCC while applying for admission in CUI?

Yes, the applicant must obtain the equivalence of O-Level and A-level from Inter Board Chairman Committee (IBCC) before applying for admission in CUI.

How A-Level result awaiting student will apply for admission in CUI?

A-Level result awaiting student can apply for admission on the basis of his / her Matric / O-Level exam equivalence certificate issued by IBCC.

What if, an A Level result awaiting student unable to produce O-Level equivalency while applying for admission in CUI?

If student is unable to produce O-Level equivalency, then the form will be rejected.

Can O&A Level student obtain combine equivalency of O&A Level from IBCC ?

Student of O&A Level will request IBCC to issue O-level (10th grade) and A-level (12thgrade) equivalency separately as it is a requirement of university for merit calculation.

What are the passing marks in entry exam?

For Bachelor Level: applicant is advised to get maximum marks in test to be able to qualify for merit.
For MS Level: 50 score is the passing score in GAT General test.
For Ph.D Level: 60 score is the passing score in GAT Subject test.

I have not passed/appeared in any NAT/GAT test scheduled by the NTS. Can I still apply for admission?

Yes, you can register yourself for the NAT/GAT test arranged by CUI exclusively for the CUI applicants.

NTS test fee is included in the processing fee?

NTS test fee is not included in the processing fee of CUI admissions. To register for entry test through COMSATS, applicant will pay the separate fee of NTS registration.

Can I get admission in MS / Ph.D. program without appearing in GAT test at the time of admission?


It is mandatory for each candidate to appear and pass GAT test at the time of admission. Admission will not be granted without GAT exam. For MS candidate GAT General whereas for Ph.D. GAT Subject is mandatory.

In case I am unable to meet the eligibility criteria of program. What is a CUI’s policy?

In case you are unable to meet the eligibility criteria of a program after deceleration of board result. Your admission will be canceled immediately, and all your deposited dues will be refunded upon submission of failed result transcript/DMC.

Does a fee structure of CUI will remain same / constant throughout my degree program?

No, it will change as and when notified by the university from time to time.

What is the procedure to cancel new admission?

If a candidate wants to cancel the admission. He/she will submit a written application duly signed by the parents and the candidate along with following necessary documents

Documents to be submitted:

    • Photocopy of Offer letter.
    • Original  paid fee challan.

Important point: while applying for cancellation of admission, candidate is advised to follow the period /duration as mentioned in refunded policy as explain earlier.

Is it possible to apply after the deadline? What is the late application policy?

Applications cannot be submitted after the deadline. There is no late application / Fee policy.

How can I check my application status?

You can check your application status by login into your online admission portal. When your application will be processed then this message will appear on screen. “Your application is successfully verified”

Can I change my program after depositing the dues?

Yes, a student can change his/her program before commencement of classes subject to fulfillment of following requirements:

    • Meeting the pre-requisite/eligibility criteria of that program on which he/she is seeking transfer
    • Meeting the Closing Merit of said program
    • Availability of the seat in that program

If I got admission in one campus and later another campus of CUI offers me admission in same session, shall my admission be transferred, or I must study in the campus in which I have completed my formalities?

Admission in one campus of CUI can be transferred to another campus of CUI (if offered by another campus), the paid dues will be transferred to the campus of destination in due course of time. However, the student who intend to transfer in other campus will submit the written application and produce the offer letter of that campus (in which he/her intend to join). Then the admission transfer case will be initiated by Admission Office.

I completed and submitted my online admission application. Am I done now?

You shall keep a check on your online admission console by visiting it until you get the following message:

    • Your form has been Verified
    • Your form has been Verified and Test has been Registered. Print your test roll number slip (for those who will appear for their respective test via CUI)
    • There is an objection on your admission application. Please Address it before form submission deadline. (for those whose online admission application has an anomaly)

There is an objection on my submitted admission application. What shall I do now?

When you get that message on your CUI online admission login, read the objection carefully and address/resolve it before form submission deadline otherwise your application shall not be processed.

How I shall be informed about objection(s) on my submitted admission application?

You will be informed, only before form submission deadline, via:

    • Message in your online admission application login
    • E-mail, on which you have registered your CUI online admission account while applying

How I can come to know, I have been selected in any program?

The applicant can view his/her merit status by login into the admission portal. The selected candidates will get their offer letter and challan for further compliance.

Labour Quota

What is Labour Quota?

This is a special quota reserved for the children of industrial workers or industrial workers themselves. If an applicant secured admission on labour quota basis, the whole educational expenses of the student (fee, transport, and lodging) will be covered by the Punjab Workers Welfare Board (PWWB).

What is the procedure to apply for PWWB quota?

The candidates can apply for this scholarship at the time of admission in all Programs. The candidates need to submit the following set of documents along with their admission application form at the time of admission:

  • Worker/ miner’s CNIC.
  • Worker/ miner’s Social Security Card/ Old Age Benefit Card.
  • Worker/ miner’s Factory Card/ Employee Card mentioning his/ her designation.
  • Worker/ miner’s Appointment Letter.
  • The Factory Registration Certificate under the Factories’ Act 1934 or Mines Act 1923.
  • CNIC/ Family Registration Certificate issued by NADRA of the prospective student.
  • Worker/miner’s Service Certificate and a certificate on his/ her good moral conduct.
  • The candidate needs to sign an affidavit on a Rs. 20. Stamp Paper, stating that if he/ she discontinue his/ her education, then he will return all his educational expenditures to the PWWB.
  • In case deceased/ disabled worker/ miner, proof of receiving Death Grant/ Disability Pension needs to be submitted.

Transport & Accommodation

What are the transport charges?

The transport charges are Rs. 30,000 per semester.

Which areas are covered by CUI Lahore transport vehicles?

CUI Lahore has a large transport fleet and our buses cover almost all areas of Lahore city. For further details about transport schedules, kindly visit the transport page on our website.

How are rooms allotted in hostel?

Rooms are allocatted to the students on the basis of merit.

What are hostel per semester charges?

1st semester

Admission Fee                              2000/-

Hostel/ Mess Security                   5000/-

Boarding dues                               33,630

Total                                              40,630/-

2nd semester to onwards:

Boarding Dues                                33,630/-

Note:  There will be 5% increase in boarding dues per anum.

Mess dues charged on monthly basis as per monthly calculations.

Refund Policy

What is the policy for refund of dues?

If you apply for fee refund during first week of commencement of classes, 100% of your tuition fee (excluding admission fee) will be refunded.

If you apply for fee refund during second week of commencement of classes, 50% of your tuition fee (excluding admission fee) will be refunded.

If you apply for fee refund after two weeks of commencement of classes, only security deposit of Rs. 5000 will be refunded to you {If security fee is  submitted}

In case you apply for fee refund on account of non-fulfillment of eligibility criteria, 100% of your fee including admission fee will be refunded at any stage.

FAQs - NTS Test

Do I need to take an admission test for COMSATS University?

Yes, all applicants for undergraduate (BS), graduate (MS), and PhD programs require an NTS test.

  • BS Programs: You'll need to take the NTS (NAT) test.
  • MS Programs: You'll need to take the NTS (GAT) test.
  • PhD Programs: You'll need to take the NTS (GAT Subject) test.

Which specific NTS (NAT) test should I take for admissions in Undergraduate programs?

The type of NTS (NAT) test depends on your Intermediate (FSc./FA/A Level) subjects:

  • FSc. (Pre-Medical): Take the NAT-IM test.
  • FSc. (Pre-Engineering): Take the NAT-IE test.
  • FSc. (ICS): Take the NAT-ICS test.
  • Intermediate/FA with Arts Groups: Take the NAT-IA test.
  • Intermediate/FA with General Science Group: Take the NAT-IGS test.
  • ICOM/Intermediate (Commerce Subjects): Take the NAT-ICOM test.

Can one NTS test cover multiple programs?

Yes, taking a single NTS (NAT) test makes you eligible to apply for or get admission in any program you offered at COMSATS University.
What is the validity of the NTS tests?
Following is the validity of NTS test;

  • NTS (NAT): Valid for one year.
  • NTS (GAT) & NTS (GAT Subject): Valid for two years.

Can I use an NTS test from previous semesters for admission?

Yes. As long as the NTS test is valid (see above), you can use it for admissions in either Fall or Spring semesters, regardless of when you took the test.

Is the National Testing Service (NTS) test accepted by COMSATS University?

Yes, you can use a valid NTS test taken through the National Testing Service (NTS) for admission at COMSATS University.

Is NTS test taken for admission in other universities accepted?

No, COMSATS University only accepts NTS tests taken either through COMSATS itself or through the National Testing Service (NTS).

Can I use an NTS test taken at one COMSATS campus for admission to another campus?

Yes. A valid NTS test taken at any COMSATS campus is acceptable for applying or taking admission to any other COMSATS campus.

How can I register for the NTS test?

You have two options to get yourself registered for NTS test:

  1. Through COMSATS University Admissions Portal: While applying online (, you can choose to register for the relevant NTS test simultaneously.
  2. Directly Through National Testing Service (NTS) Website: Register independently by visiting the National Testing Service website (

Can I retake the NTS test or take multiple NTS tests?
Yes, you can retake the NTS test or appear for multiple NTS tests, either through COMSATS or through the National Testing Service (NTS) to get admission at COMSATS University, Lahore Campus.
Which NTS score is considered for admission in case of retake or multiple NTS tests?
COMSATS University considers your highest score from all your NTS attempts when calculating your overall merit for admission.
How do I update my NTS score after submitting my application?
If you took the NTS test after applying, contact the COMSATS admissions office to update your score or email your NTS test result at
How can I re-register for the NTS test through COMSATS University, Lahore Campus?
You can get a blank Challan form from the admission office or by sending an email at
Can I take the test in a city near me?
Yes. When registering through the NTS website, you will have the option to choose a test center close to your location as NTS conducts test in most major cities across Pakistan every month.
How do I register for the COMSATS Entry Test during the online application process?
While filling out your online application form at, select "NTS via COMSATS" in the "NTS Section." The NTS fee will be included in your bank challan along with the admission-processing fee. This confirms your registration for the NTS test through COMSATS.
How do I get my roll number slip after registering via COMSATS?
Your NTS roll number slip will be uploaded to your admission portal account within 3-4 days of applying. You can download it from there. If you have trouble downloading it, use the "Chat" feature on your admission portal to inquire.
What if I already have a valid NTS score or took the general NTS test?
If you have a valid NTS score which you want to use, go to the NTS section of your admission portal, select "No" in "NTS via COMSATS," and enter the score in the next step.
Where can I find the results of the NTS test?
NTS results are uploaded to both the COMSATS University Lahore Campus website ( and the National Testing Service website (