Specializations offered

Advertising & Public Relations

This specialization prepares students to promote clients in the business world within agency or corporate settings. Job roles include advertising account executive, advertising media manager, public relations director, media director for a political campaign, and marketing consultant. This curricular specialization includes learning experiences in writing, analysis of case studies, management, and campaigns

Social Media

Digital media revolves around the fundamental concepts of art and design and how to apply creativity and skills to projects such as production and digital video editing, motion graphics and 3-D modeling. It combines the use of computer programming, digital photography, computer animation, web design, film studies, communications, among others to prepare students to work in a variety of media fields including digital marketing,

Electronic Media

The world is connected electronically. Millions of messages are transmitted and received constantly, providing a flow of information and entertainment via radio, television, cable, satellite, and streaming. Guiding students to craft their messages for an audience is our mission in the Media & Communication Studies – CUI. Faculty bring to the classroom not only strong academic credentials but also many years of experience as professional communicators.

Development Communication

Being a developing nation, the focus of media practitioners has always been on the development sector. With the mission of making students a significant contributor in the development process. We at Media & Communication studies offer specialization to prepare students to develop messages that supports the communication process and our students can employed by government and non-governmental organizations as media manager, campaign and strategy developers.

Dr. Sohail Riaz Raja

PhD. Blanquerna, Universitat Ramon LLULL (Spain)

Assistant Professor
Incharge Media and Communication Studies Programs,
Incharge Advertising and Media.

Ayesha Mirza

Assistant Professor
MPhil Media and Communication

Talha Aslam

MPhil Media and Communication