Hostel Allotment

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Hostel Admissions

Girls Hostel Allotment - First List

The following cadidates have been selected for allotment of accomodation at CUI, Lahore Campus Girls Hostel(s) for semester Fall- 2019. The respective candidates may download Challan form and deposit the fee in HBL Account No. 23057000051401 within due date August 26, 2019. The copy of paid challan form must reach hostel office till August 27, 2019 thourgh postal mail to 'Warden Girls Hostel, COMSATS University Lahore Campus, Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road Lahore' or email to

NameProgramHostel Dues Challan
Aiman D/O Imran Shabbir BIDBoarding Challan
Ajia Nadeem D/O Nadeem YousufPharm-DBoarding Challan
Aliha Noor D/O Mansoor Ahmed Khan NaiziBIDBoarding Challan
Aman Ashraf D/O Muhammad Ashraf Pharm-DBoarding Challan
Amina Ali D/O Allah DittaBAFBoarding Challan
Amna Riaz D/O Muhammad Riaz Shahid CheemaRMTBoarding Challan
Aniqa Nayab D/O M.Irfan RasheedBAFBoarding Challan
Anisa Zafar D/O Zafar IqbalRPMBoarding Challan
Aqsa D/O Riaz-ur-RehmanBEEBoarding Challan
Aqsa Rehman D/O Abdul RehmanREEBoarding Challan
Areej Fatima D/O Farooq Ajmal Khan NiaziBIDBoarding Challan
Arooj Akram D/O Muhammad AkramBPHBoarding Challan
Arooma Naqvi D/O Syed Mahmood Hussain ShahBAFBoarding Challan
Atia Aslam D/O Muhammad Aslam RPHBoarding Challan
Ayesha Naseem D/O Naseem RiazBBABoarding Challan
Ayesha Nawaz D/O Muhammad NawazMS(Chemistry)Boarding Challan
Bazeen Zulfiqar D/O Muhammad ZulfiqarBPHBoarding Challan
Bushra Bibi D/O Manzoor AhmadRPHBoarding Challan
Bushra Nisar D/O Nisar AhmadRMTBoarding Challan
Fajar Arshad D/O Muhammad ArshadBBABoarding Challan
Farheen Asghar D/O Muhammad Asghar RazaBEEBoarding Challan
Fizza Choudhary D/O Muhammad SarwarPharm-DBoarding Challan
Fozia Yaseen D/O Muhammad Ghulam YaseenRMTBoarding Challan
Hafiza Khadija Aslam D/O Muhammad Aslam AsimMS(Chemistry)Boarding Challan
Hiba Khazer D/O Main Khizer HayatBEEBoarding Challan
Hina Bibi D/O Muhammad AleemRMTBoarding Challan
Hira Qaisar D/O Qaisar CheemaBAFBoarding Challan
Huma Mansha D/O Muhammad ManshaMS(Chemistry)Boarding Challan
Huma Nadir D/O Nadir Khan BSEBoarding Challan
Insa Atif D/O Atif Masoom BMCBoarding Challan
Khadija Rehan D/O Rehan SheikhBBABoarding Challan
Komal Nadeem D/O Nadeem Ahmed KhanBMCBoarding Challan
Maheen Zafar D/O Zafar Abbas MalikMS(Chemistry)Boarding Challan
Mahnoor Faisal D/O Faisal ShabbirBCSBoarding Challan
Mahroo Rafiq D/O Mian Muhammad RafiqRPMBoarding Challan
Maria Shamim D/O Shamim Ahmed KhanMS(Chemistry)Boarding Challan
Mariam Atta Ullah D/O Atta UllahRELBoarding Challan
Marwa Khalid D/O Muhammad KhalidBSEBoarding Challan
Maryam Saber D/O Muhammad SaberRMTBoarding Challan
Minahil Javed D/O Akhtar JavedBSEBoarding Challan
Mobeen Amin D/O Muhammad AminRMTBoarding Challan
Munazza Mariyam D/O Muhammad RamzanRPHBoarding Challan
Muneeba M.Mansha D/O Muhammad ManshaRMTBoarding Challan
Nageen Pervaiz D/O Muhammad Pervaiz RMTBoarding Challan
Naila Sattar D/O Abdul SattarMS(Chemistry)Boarding Challan
Najma Shabir D/O Ghulam ShabirRMTBoarding Challan
Nayyab D/O Khalid Saleem RMSBoarding Challan
Nazia Jehan D/O Muhammad ShafiRCSBoarding Challan
Nishat Abbas D/O Ghulam AbbasRMTBoarding Challan
Nosheen Fatima D/O Ali MuhammadRMTBoarding Challan
Raheeq Al Ajam D/O Muhammad Azhar Nasir MianBARBoarding Challan
Rameen Aslam D/O M Aslam KhanRMTBoarding Challan
Rizwah Jabbar D/O Abdul Jabbar BBABoarding Challan
Rubiya Saeed D/O Muhammad SaeedBPHBoarding Challan
Saba Muzammail D/O Muhammad Muzammil Bharti RMTBoarding Challan
Sadia D/O Abdul Hakeem BSMBoarding Challan
Safina Abid D/O Abid HussainMS(Chemistry)Boarding Challan
Sahiba Fareed D/O Ghulam FareedMS(Chemistry)Boarding Challan
Samawat D/O Shahnawaz TheboBAFBoarding Challan
Samra D/O Muhammad Asif ButtBMCBoarding Challan
Samreen Ashraf D/O Ashraf MahmoodMS(Chemistry)Boarding Challan
Sara Bokhari D/O Syed Laiq AhmedBIDBoarding Challan
Shafaq Tallat D/O Tallat MehmoodBBABoarding Challan
Shahnila D/O Pervaiz IqbalRMTBoarding Challan
Shamsul Jahan Shamsa D/O Muhammad Waheed ul Hassan ChistiBSMBoarding Challan
Shanza Nawaz D/O Muhammad Nawaz BajwaBEEBoarding Challan
Sheharzaad D/O Asghar AliRCSBoarding Challan
Sidra Khan D/O NasrullahREEBoarding Challan
Sidra Naeem D/O Muhammad NaeemBPYBoarding Challan
Sohair Amjed D/O Amjed BashirMS(Chemistry)Boarding Challan
Suhaira Yousaf D/O Muhammad YousafBARBoarding Challan
Sumreen Fatima D/O Abdul Menaf RPHBoarding Challan
Syeda Farwa Fatima D/O Syed Qaisir Abbas BukhariREEBoarding Challan
Syeda Hira Fatima D/O Sajjad Hussain ShahBSMBoarding Challan
Tahmina Iqbal D/O Muhammad Arshad Iqbal TararRMTBoarding Challan
Tehniyat Abbas D/O Muhammad AbbasBPHBoarding Challan
Tehreem Fakhar D/O Fakhar MajeedBSEBoarding Challan
Umul Baneen Rizwan D/O Rizwan Ali Khan BPYBoarding Challan
Ushna Babar D/O Babar SaeedPharm-DBoarding Challan
Vaneeza Adnan D/O Adnan Andleeb BCEBoarding Challan
Warda Yaseen D/O Yaseen AbbasMBABoarding Challan
Zaeema Javed D/O Muhammad Javed AkhtarRMSBoarding Challan
Zonairah Hasrat D/O Maqsood AhmadRPHBoarding Challan

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