The Department of Architecture

What is Architecture?

  • An architect is responsible for planning, designing and overseeing the construction of a residential, public or an industrial building
  • But the scope of Architecture is not limited to a building
  • Today architects are involved in curating and participating in exhibitions, writing books and projects related to the media and gaming industry. Similarly, architects are employed in community building projects, administrative bodies, engineering and construction firms, real estate sector and the building industry
  • The journey of Architecture starts with a bachelor’s degree, carried out in an accredited institution, and leads to a licence to practice Architecture
  • Architecture above all else is a passion, a vocation and a calling

Mission Statement 

The five-year program in Architectural Design shall:

  • Introduce a student to the multidisciplinary education of built environment design
  • Impart creative skills, develop critical thinking ability and hone an individualized approach towards architectural design
  • Instil moral and ethical values, a sense of social responsibility and an empathetic world view to achieve excellence in education

In its teaching pedagogy and practice the faculty shall promote:

  • An evolution-based learning
  • Interdisciplinary innovation
  • Process-oriented design

Program Objectives

At the end of the five-year undergraduate degree in Architectural Design, the students are competent at:

  • Spatial design aided by education of national and international norms and practices
  • Understanding architectural design as an integrated system of related fields and their real-world applications
  • Understanding their role and responsibilities as an architect

Program Outcomes

The five-year undergraduate degree in Architectural Design shall produce:

  • Knowledgeable thinkers, well versed in the issues of the built environment
  • Skilled professionals with knowledge of the craft of architectural practice
  • Ethical and socially responsible critical thinkers with a capacity to empathize, innovate and contribute towards future built environment

Strength of the Program

  • Multi-disciplinary approach toward architectural education. Curriculum aligns with both national and international concerns, grooming students for opportunities in practice and academia locally and globally
  • The program allows for experimentation within a regulated course framework, creating space for students to evolve based upon feedback and academic interest
  • The program allows for a student centric approach towards education, through incorporating electives and interactive teaching pedagogy

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