COMSATS University is dedicated to every possible limit to make life for its students as comfortable as possible. Transport service is provided at a very economical cost of just Rs. 30,000 per semester for students. For this purpose the university has a total of 14 buses and 06 small coasters. The university is also in the process of purchasing more vehicles to make transport facility more easy and comfortable for the students. All these vehicles cover whole of Lahore and the transport is provided two times a day for all the routes and for some of the nearer routes it is provided three times a day as well. A transport office has been set up for this purpose which makes sure that all of the students can avail the transport facility as easily as possible.


The transport office is located next to N-Block and Cafeteria inside the campus. Mr. Muhammad Bashir is representative of the transport office.


The services provided by the transport office are:

  • Information regarding various route plans.
  • Provision of information related to the timings of buses for various routes.
  • Registration of students who want to avail the transport facility.
  • Issuance of bus cards to the students who have paid the bus fee.

Contact Us

111-001-007 Ext. 870