Hostel Allotment

Friday, September 18, 2020

Hostel Admissions

Boys Hostel Allotment - 1st Allotment List - New Studetns

Download Undertaking for Hostel

Following selected candidates may download Challan form and deposit the fee in any HBL Branch. The copy of paid challan form must reach hostel office till The following cadidates have been selected for allotment of accomodation at CUI, Lahore Campus Boys Hostel for semester FALL- 2020. The respective candidates may download Challan form and deposit the fee within due date September 17, 2020. The copy of paid challan form and attached Undertaking must reach hostel office till September 18, 2020 thourgh postal mail to 'Ch. Muhammad Tariq, COMSATS University Lahore Campus, Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road Lahore' or email to

NameProgramHostel Dues Challan
Abdul Rehman S/O Akhtar HussainCHEBoarding Challan
Abdullah Bin Hasan S/O Ahsan MukhtarCHEBoarding Challan
Abdullah Rasheed S/O Azhar RasheedBBABoarding Challan
Abdullah Tariq S/O Muhammad TariqBBABoarding Challan
Abdur Rehman S/O Abdul Qadeer Boarding Challan
Adeel Ahmad S/O Muhammad ShakeelBSEBoarding Challan
Afian Alvi S/O Imtiaz AlviPHYBoarding Challan
Ahmad Ayaz S/O Sajjad AfzalBAFBoarding Challan
Ahmad Malik S/O Muhammad AsifBSEBoarding Challan
Ahmad Raza S/O Khalid MehmoodBCSBoarding Challan
Ahmd Shoail S/O Muhammad AshrafBBABoarding Challan
Ahmed Rafiq S/O Muhammad RafiqBCSBoarding Challan
Ahsan Raza Bhatti S/O Asghar AliBAFBoarding Challan
Akmal Yaseen S/O Muhammad YaseenBPHBoarding Challan
Ali Aqib S/O Tayyab HussainPHYBoarding Challan
Ali Hamza S/O Saleem AkhtarCHEBoarding Challan
Ali Hasan S/O Muhammad SharifBCSBoarding Challan
Ali Hassan S/O Nadeem IqbalBBABoarding Challan
Ali Husnain Khan S/O Abdul Ghaffar KhanBBABoarding Challan
Ali Hussain S/O Ghulam SarwarBSMBoarding Challan
Ali Imtiaz S/O Imtiaz Waheed Boarding Challan
Amir Khan S/O Muhammad SaleemBAFBoarding Challan
Anus abdullah S/O Muhammad Amjad JamilBSCBoarding Challan
Arif Nawaz S/O Saeed Ullah Arif Boarding Challan
Arslan Jamil S/O Muhammad JamilBSEBoarding Challan
Asad Ali S/O Muhammad IqbalCHEBoarding Challan
Asad Izhar S/O Izhar AhmedBBABoarding Challan
Awais Masroor S/O Masroor ImtiazBSEBoarding Challan
bdullah Naseer S/O Naseer AhmedBSCBoarding Challan
Bilal Atif S/O Atif SiddiqueBBABoarding Challan
Bilal Javed S/O Javed AhmedBSEBoarding Challan
Danyal Bilal S/O Muhammad BilalCHEBoarding Challan
Faheed Ullah Khan S/O Afsar KhanBBABoarding Challan
Faisal Ghaffar S/O Abdul GhaffarBSEBoarding Challan
Fakhar-ud-Din S/O Abdul HameedBSCBoarding Challan
Faraz Arshad S/O Arshad AliCHEBoarding Challan
Farukh Sarfraz Butt S/O Sarfraz TahirBAFBoarding Challan
Fawad Alam S/O Gul BahadarPHYBoarding Challan
Haider Ali S/O QuadratullahBSMBoarding Challan
Hamid Saeed S/O Muhammad SaeedBSEBoarding Challan
Hammad Hassan S/O Khadim HussainBBABoarding Challan
Hammad Latif S/O Fared AhmadBBABoarding Challan
Hamza ahsan S/O Ehsan QadirBPHBoarding Challan
Hamza Anwar S/O Anwar Ul HaqBCEBoarding Challan
Hamza Rahim S/O Rahim ShahCHEBoarding Challan
Hamza Siddique S/O Siddique AbidBSEBoarding Challan
Hamza Waseem S/O Muhammad NaeemBSCBoarding Challan
Haris Ahsan S/O BSEBoarding Challan
Hassan Abdullah S/O Dilwer HussainBSEBoarding Challan
Hassan Ali S/O Arshad AliCHEBoarding Challan
Hassan Aziz S/O Muhammad AzizBSEBoarding Challan
Hassan Khalid S/O khalid MahmoodBSEBoarding Challan
Hassan Mehmood S/O Sultan MehmoodBBABoarding Challan
Hassan Raza S/O Muhammad Yaqoob Boarding Challan
Hassan Raza S/O Tufail HassanBBABoarding Challan
Hassan Sattar S/O Abdul SttarBBABoarding Challan
Hassham Aziz S/O Muhammad NadeemBBABoarding Challan
Huraira Ashraf S/O Muhammad AshrafBSEBoarding Challan
Hussain Khalid S/O Sohail KhalidBSEBoarding Challan
Huzaifa Khalid S/O Khalid MehmoodBBABoarding Challan
Huzaifa Nadeem S/O Imrana NadeemBPHBoarding Challan
Huzaifa Yasin S/O Muhammad YasinCHEBoarding Challan
Ijaz Ur Rehman S/O Azra ParveenBEEBoarding Challan
Inshal Huzaifa S/O Akhtar IqbalBBABoarding Challan
Juhnaid Mumtaz S/O Mumtaz Ahmad Boarding Challan
Junaid Mubashar S/O Mubashar AfzaalBPHBoarding Challan
Kamran Hussain S/O Ijaz HussainPHYBoarding Challan
khobaib Azam S/O Muhammad AzamBSMBoarding Challan
M . Arslan S/O Muhammad ArshadBSCBoarding Challan
M. Arif Nawaz S/O Saeed Ullah Arif Boarding Challan
M. Hamza S/O Bilal MasoodBPHBoarding Challan
M. Hasnain S/O Muhammad SharifBCSBoarding Challan
M. Shaharyar S/O Muhammad SarwarBSEBoarding Challan
M. Shehriyan S/O Muhammad NadeemBSCBoarding Challan
M. Zohaib S/O Muhammad ShoaibBSEBoarding Challan
M.Abbdullah S/O Liaqat Ali JavedBCSBoarding Challan
M.Naeem S/O Muhammad AminPHYBoarding Challan
Maaz Saeed S/O Muhammad SaeedBCSBoarding Challan
Mirfazal Babar S/O Zaheer Ud DinBPHBoarding Challan
Mohsin Hassan S/O Amir Ul HassanCHEBoarding Challan
Mohsin Zulfiqar S/O Zulfiqar AliBBABoarding Challan
Mudassar Ali S/O Muhammad ManshaBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Abubakar S/O Jahangir BadshahBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Aitzaz S/O Arif MehmoodBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Ali S/O Ishfaq Hussain Boarding Challan
Muhammad Ali S/O Ruqia Rasul Boarding Challan
Muhammad Amaan S/O Muhammad WaheedBBABoarding Challan
Muhammad Anas S/O Muhammad Naeem BSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Awais S/O Muhammad AkhtarBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Awais S/O Raees KhanBSCBoarding Challan
Muhammad Bilal S/O Irfan TalibBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Bilal S/O Muhammad Muslim Boarding Challan
Muhammad Dabeer S/O Ahsan RazaBBABoarding Challan
Muhammad Dansih S/O Abdul GhaffarCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Hamza S/O Muhammad ShafqatBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Huzaifa S/O Muhammad AshfaqBSCBoarding Challan
Muhammad Mehroz S/O Arif AliBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Mubashir S/O AbdulSattarCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Mubeen S/O Liaqat AliCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Qais Ali S/O Muhammad ArifBSMBoarding Challan
Muhammad Qasim S/O Ikhlaq AhmadBCSBoarding Challan
Muhammad Rehan S/O Abdul SattarBSCBoarding Challan
Muhammad Shajeel S/O Muhammad TariqBSCBoarding Challan
Muhammad Shumil S/O Samina KousarBSCBoarding Challan
Muhammad suleman S/O Abdul HameedBSCBoarding Challan
Muhammad Taha S/O Sobia Naseem Boarding Challan
Muhammad Tahir S/O Amjad AliBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Taimoor S/O Muhammad AfzalBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Talha S/O Khalid Mehmood Boarding Challan
Muhammad Talha S/O Muhammad RafiqBSMBoarding Challan
Muhammad Uzair S/O Ehsan UllahCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Waqas S/O Khadim HussainBSCBoarding Challan
Muhammad wasi S/O Muhammad ShahzadBBABoarding Challan
Muhammad Zeeshan S/O Muhammad BootaBSMBoarding Challan
Muhammad Zeeshan S/O Mushtaq AhmadBBABoarding Challan
Muhammad Zeshan S/O Muhammad Arshad Boarding Challan
Mujahid Iftikhar S/O Muhammad IftikharBSEBoarding Challan
Mujtaba Rashid S/O Rashid Aziz Boarding Challan
Muneeb Ayub S/O Ayub KhanPHYBoarding Challan
Nouman Asif S/O Muhammad AsifBSEBoarding Challan
Omar Sarfraz S/O Muhammad SarfrazBSCBoarding Challan
Ouzair Javed S/O Muhammad JavedCHEBoarding Challan
Raees Umar S/O Umar DinBAFBoarding Challan
Risalat Ali S/O Abid AliPHYBoarding Challan
Rizwan Haider S/O Muhammad AnwarBBABoarding Challan
Ryan Zahid S/O Muhammad ZahidBSMBoarding Challan
Saad Sarwar S/O Nazar HussainBAFBoarding Challan
Saad Shahid S/O Shahid HussainBSCBoarding Challan
Saim Hafeez S/O Muhammad HafeezBSEBoarding Challan
Sajid Iqbal S/O Muhammad Javed Iqbal Boarding Challan
Sami Ullah S/O Manthar AliBSCBoarding Challan
Saqlain Siddique S/O Muhammad SiddiqueCHEBoarding Challan
Shahbaz Ali S/O Muhammad Yar Boarding Challan
Shahzad Nasir S/O Nasir AhmadBSEBoarding Challan
Shahzaib Sajid S/O Muhammad SajidBSMBoarding Challan
Sheeraz Ahmad S/O Allah WasayaBPHBoarding Challan
Shehroz Arshad S/O Arshad AliBBABoarding Challan
Shehryaar Sarfraz S/O Nadeem AkhterBSEBoarding Challan
Shoaib Zahid S/O Zahid PervaizBSEBoarding Challan
Sufyan Khan S/O Irshad Ullah KhanCHEBoarding Challan
Syed Wasif Hussain S/O Abid HussainBAFBoarding Challan
Talha S/O Muhammad AsgheerBSCBoarding Challan
Talha Masood S/O Masood AhmedBBABoarding Challan
Tallha Imran S/O Muhammad ImranBSEBoarding Challan
Tayyab ali S/O Shahbaz AhmadBSCBoarding Challan
Tayyab Irshad S/O Nasir AbbasBSEBoarding Challan
Umair Azam S/O Muhammad AzamBSCBoarding Challan
Umar Shafique S/O Muhammad ShafiqueBBABoarding Challan
Usama Ali S/O Muhammad ShafqatBSEBoarding Challan
Usama Ghaffar S/O Abdul GhaffarBSEBoarding Challan
Usama Iqbal S/O Muhammad Iqbal Boarding Challan
Usman Ali S/O Muhammad ShafqatBSEBoarding Challan
Usman Arif S/O Abdul ArifBSEBoarding Challan
Usman Farooq S/O Muhammad FarooqCHEBoarding Challan
Uzair Mehmood S/O Zahid MehmoodBSEBoarding Challan
Waleed Qudratullah S/O QudratullahCHEBoarding Challan
Waleed Sidiqi S/O Maqsood Ur RehmanCHEBoarding Challan
Waqar Murtaza S/O Ghulam MurtazaBSEBoarding Challan
Yasir Izhar S/O Izhar AhmadBSCBoarding Challan
Yousaf Malik S/O Muhammad AsgharCHEBoarding Challan
Zafar Ullah S/O Muhammad NasrullahPHYBoarding Challan
Zain -Ul Abideen S/O Muhammad YounasBSEBoarding Challan
Zain Akram S/O Muhammad AkramPHYBoarding Challan
Zain Amjad S/O Amjd ParvaizBSCBoarding Challan
Zaryab Yasin S/O Muhammad YasinBCSBoarding Challan
Zohaib Ahmad S/O Abdul Sattar Boarding Challan
Zohaib Ashraf S/O Muhammad Ashraf BBABoarding Challan
Zubair Naeem S/O Naeem YousafCHEBoarding Challan

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