Hostel Allotment

Friday, November 15, 2019

Hostel Admissions

Boys Hostel Allotment - Jupitor Hostel

Following selected candidates may download Challan form and deposit the fee in any HBL Branch. The copy of paid challan form must reach hostel office till Aug 31, 2019

NameProgramHostel Dues Challan
Abdul Ahmad 
Abdul Baqi 
Abdul Jabbar Boarding Challan
Abdul Rahim Gul Boarding Challan
Abdul Samad 
Abdul Wasey Rao Boarding Challan
ABDULLAH TAHIR Boarding Challan
Abrar Ahmad 
Abubakar Karim Boarding Challan
Adil Ali 
Adnan Ahmad 
Ahmar Ali 
Ahmed Riaz 
Ahsan Waqar Boarding Challan
Aibak Shahzad Boarding Challan
Ali Amjad 
Ali Haider 
Ali Hamza Bhatti 
Ali Hassan Boarding Challan
Ali Raza 
Ali Raza 
Ali Shan Boarding Challan
Amjad Ali 
Amman Amjad 
Aqib Javaid Boarding Challan
Arbaz Pervaiz 
Arqam Bin Amjad 
Arqam Shakeel Boarding Challan
Arslan Mustafa 
Asad Abbas 
Asad Ali 
Asad Iqbal 
Asad Jamil 
Asad Javed Boarding Challan
Aun Muhammad 
Azeem Muzammal Subhani Boarding Challan
Azhar Iqbal 
Babar Ali 
Faisal Mushtaq Boarding Challan
Faizan Ali 
Faraz Ahmad 
Farukh Muneer Boarding Challan
Furqan Awaisi Boarding Challan
Ghulam Rasool 
Gul Sher Ali Boarding Challan
Hafiz Shahzad Rauf 
Hafiz Syed Muhammad Hur 
Hammad Ali Butt 
Hammad Maqsood Boarding Challan
Hammad Rafique 
Hamza Moghal Boarding Challan
Hashir Tariq 
Hassan Naeem Boarding Challan
Hassan Nasir 
Husnain Nazir 
Jahangeer Ayaz Mogul Boarding Challan
Jamal Naser 
Junaid Ali Khan 
Kamran Arshed 
Kanzal Abbas 
Kashif Iqbal 
Kashif Razzaq 
Khalid Husnain 
Kiramat Ali Boarding Challan
Maaz-ur-Rehman Boarding Challan
Mohsin Rizwan Boarding Challan
Mubashar Hussain Boarding Challan
Mubashar Idrees Boarding Challan
Mubeen Ahmad 
Mudabbar Hassan 
Muhammad Abdullah Ahmad 
Muhammad Abdullah Arshad 
Muhammad Abdullah Aziz 
Muhammad Abu Bakar 
Muhammad Adeeel Hasan Gorays 
Muhammad Adeel Arshad 
Muhammad Adnan Ghaffar 
Muhammad Ahmad Latif 
Muhammad Ali Boarding Challan
Muhammad Ali Fahad 
Muhammad Ali Hassan 
Muhammad Amir Sharif 
Muhammad Aqib 
Muhammad Aqib 
Muhammad Arif 
Muhammad Arslan Waheed 
Muhammad Asif Saddique Boarding Challan
Muhammad Bilal 
Muhammad Bilal 
Muhammad Bilal Afzal 
Muhammad Bilal Rafique 
Muhammad Bilal Shabbir Boarding Challan
Muhammad Danish 
Muhammad Fahad Azam 
Muhammad Hammad Younas Boarding Challan
Muhammad Hamza Arshad Boarding Challan
Muhammad Hamza Arshad Boarding Challan
Muhammad Hamza Liaqat 
Muhammad Hamza Saleem Boarding Challan
Muhammad Hamza Tabassum 
Muhammad Haneef 
Muhammad Haseeb Haider Boarding Challan
Muhammad Hassan Boarding Challan
Muhammad Hassan Bilal Boarding Challan
Muhammad Hunbel Choudhry Boarding Challan
Muhammad Ibrahim 
Muhammad Idrees Boarding Challan
Muhammad Ikram 
Muhammad Jahanzaib 
Muhammad Jawad 
Muhammad Khubaib Asadi Boarding Challan
Muhammad Maaz Waseem Boarding Challan
Muhammad Mohsin Mehmood Boarding Challan
Muhammad Mubeen 
Muhammad Noman Awan Boarding Challan
Muhammad Qamar-uz-Zaman 
Muhammad Sajjad Ashraf 
Muhammad Shakir Sharif 
Muhammad Sharif 
Muhammad Tayyab Hussain Boarding Challan
Muhammad Umair 
Muhammad Umair Ashraf 
Muhammad Usama 
Muhammad Usama Iftikhar 
Muhammad Usman 
Muhammad Yasin 
Muhammad Yasir 
Muhammad Yousaf 
Muhammad Zakriya Akram 
Muhammad Zubair Boarding Challan
Nadeem Murtaza 
Noman Aziz 
Nouman Nisar Dhudra 
Numan Ali 
Qasim Khan Boarding Challan
Rafay Rehman Boarding Challan
Rafiq-ur-Rehman Boarding Challan
Rana Gohar Naeem Boarding Challan
Rizwan Akbar 
Saif Ahmad Boarding Challan
Saqib Bader Boarding Challan
Saqib Shahzad Boarding Challan
Shahroze Babar Boarding Challan
Shahzada Ahsan Ullah 
Shameem Akhtar 
Shehryar Asim Boarding Challan
Sheraz Ahmad Boarding Challan
Sibtain Maqsood 
Sohaib Hassan 
Sohail Ahmad 
Soman Talha 
Tabraiz Khalid Boarding Challan
Taimoor Tariq Boarding Challan
Tariq Ali 
Tariq Javed Boarding Challan
Tayyab Abbas 
Tayyab Akhtar 
TAYYAB SHAHID Boarding Challan
Umair Hassan Boarding Challan
Umar Aziz 
Umar Shahzad Boarding Challan
Umar Yaqoob 
Umer Farooq 
Usama Bin Azam Boarding Challan
Usama Hassan 
Usama Pervaiz 
UZAIR IQBAL Boarding Challan
Waleed Ahmad 
Waqas Ahmad 
Waqas Khalid 
Yasir Shahzad 
Zaid Saeed Boarding Challan
Zain Shahid Boarding Challan
Zarghoon Hasan Zai 
Zeeshan Ali 
Zeeshan Ali Boarding Challan
Zeeshan Aslam 
Zeshan Ahmad 
Ziaullah Khan 

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