Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hostel Allotment

Boys Hostel Allotment - First List

Following selected candidates may download Challan form and deposit the fee in any HBL Branch. The copy of paid challan form must reach hostel office till September 07, 2017
  • Old students (open and PWWB) can download Challan form CU from online and its submission is mandatory by September 07, 2017
  • Students’ Allotment will be cancelled of those students who will not submit challan by due date.
  • Incomplete forms are not considered in the uploaded list on the website.
  • Second allotment list is subject to the provision of space in the hostels.
  • Students are directed to bring at least two bed sheets.

NameProgramHostel Dues Challan
Abdul Rehman Asghar S/O Muhammad AsgharBCEBoarding Challan
Abdul Bari Khan S/O Abdul Ghafoor KhanBCEBoarding Challan
Abdul Rahim Gul S/O Sadia InamCHEBoarding Challan
Abu Bakar S/O Abdul Karim GhughtaiBCSBoarding Challan
Adnan Asghar S/O Asghar AliBBABoarding Challan
Ahmad Ali Khan Niazi S/O Muhammad Sajid Ghani Khan NiaziB.ArchBoarding Challan
AHMAD HASSAN BUTT S/O Mehmood Saqlain ButtBSEBoarding Challan
Ahmad Yahya S/O Mian Zhid MahmoodBCSBoarding Challan
Ahmed Nawaz S/O Muhammad NawazBCEBoarding Challan
Ahsan Azeem S/O Muhammad Azeem ShadBSEBoarding Challan
Ahsan Waqar S/O Waqar RaheemCHEBoarding Challan
Ali Hamza S/O Muhammad Saleem AkhtarCHEBoarding Challan
Ali Hassan S/O Arhad JavaidBBABoarding Challan
Ali Hassan S/O Wazir ul HassanBEEBoarding Challan
Ali Ibrahim S/O Muhammad IbrahimBAFBoarding Challan
Ali Ossja S/O Rana Khalid Jamil HaiderBAFBoarding Challan
Ali Raza S/O Muhammad MustafaBCEBoarding Challan
Amir Hamza S/O Shams ul HaqCHEBoarding Challan
Anees Javed S/O Javed IqbalBBABoarding Challan
Aqib Javaid S/O Tariq JavaidCHEBoarding Challan
Arqam Shakeel S/O Shakeel AhmedBCSBoarding Challan
Arslan Muzammil S/O Muhammad AshrafBCEBoarding Challan
Arslan ud Din Shafiq S/O Muhammad Shafiq MarikBSEBoarding Challan
Asad Rehan S/O Rehan NasirBCEBoarding Challan
Asher Anwer S/O Muhammad AnwerBEEBoarding Challan
Bilal Asghar S/O Muhammad Asghar PervaizBECBoarding Challan
Daneyal Mushtaq S/O Syed Mushtaq Hussain RizviBCSBoarding Challan
Danyal S/O Abdul SamadBSEBoarding Challan
Emad Khalil Bhutta S/O Khalil ur Rehman ButtaB.ArchBoarding Challan
Faisal Iqbal S/O Muhammad Iqbal KhanBCEBoarding Challan
Faisal Mushtaq S/O Mushtaq AhmadCHEBoarding Challan
Farhan Qasim S/O Muhammad QasimBS-PhysicBoarding Challan
Ghous Muhammad S/O Maqbool Ahmed GhumanBBABoarding Challan
Hafiz Hamza Idrees S/O Muhammad IdreesBSEBoarding Challan
Hafiz Muhammad Adnan Sultan S/O Muhammad Imran SultanB.ArchBoarding Challan
Hanan Zahid S/O Zahid Mehmood ButtBBABoarding Challan
Hassan Raza S/O Muhammad ShahidBBABoarding Challan
Huzaifa Ahmad Rana S/O Rana Tahir SaeedBAFBoarding Challan
Ibad ur Rehman S/O Muhammad AnwarBSEBoarding Challan
Ibrahim Nabi S/O Mukhtar NabiBSEBoarding Challan
Ikrama Muhammad S/O Hafiz Safwan MuhammadBBABoarding Challan
Ismail Nabi S/O Mukhtar NabiBCSBoarding Challan
Jahangir Ayyaz Mogul S/O Muhammad Ayyaz Rafiq MogulBCSBoarding Challan
Junaid Iqbal S/O Mudasar IqbalBSEBoarding Challan
Maaz Ur Rehman S/O Atta Ur RehmanCHEBoarding Challan
Mashhood Muhammad S/O Muhammad Faheem BhatiiB.ArchBoarding Challan
Mirza Asfand Yar Baig S/O Masroor AhmadBCSBoarding Challan
Moadser Hussain S/O Munwar HussainMSCSBoarding Challan
Mohammad Basir Irtaza S/O Sibte HassanBSEBoarding Challan
Mohammad Kashaf Rizwan S/O Mohammad Rizwan AslamBEEBoarding Challan
Mohsin Iqbal S/O Muhammad IqbalBCSBoarding Challan
Moiz ur Rahman S/O Muhammad AsgharBSEBoarding Challan
Mubashar Hussain S/O Imtiaz HussainBSEBoarding Challan
Mubeen Khan S/O Abdul Qadoos KhanBAFBoarding Challan
Muhammad Abdul Rehman S/O Muhammad MosaBCEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Abdullah S/O Muhammad HussainBBABoarding Challan
Muhammad Adil Irfan S/O Irfan Majeed EngineeringBoarding Challan
Muhammad Ahmad S/O Ubaid ullahBETBoarding Challan
Muhammad Ahmed Rana S/O Rana Muhammad AshfaqBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Ali S/O Shafaqat AliB.ArchBoarding Challan
Muhammad Ammaar Ali Sabri S/O Ali AhmadBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Ammar Zamir S/O Muhammad Zamir ul HaqueBPHBoarding Challan
Muhammad Arslan S/O Abdul HammadBECBoarding Challan
Muhammad Asad Tanveer S/O Tanveer MahmoodBAFBoarding Challan
Muhammad Asad Ullah S/O Muhammad IqbalB.ArchBoarding Challan
Muhammad Asfand Khan Ghouri S/O Muhammad Anwer GhauriCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Asif Farooq Alivi S/O Abdul Farooq AlviCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Ayman Akram S/O Muhammad AkramCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Bilal Aslam S/O Muhammad AslamBCSBoarding Challan
Muhammad Bilal Ilyas S/O Muhammad IlyasCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Farhat Ullah S/O Muhammad Shafi AbidMS-CSBoarding Challan
Muhammad Fawad Ijaz S/O Hammad IjazBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Hamood ur Rehman S/O Tariq PervaizBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Hamza Jazib S/O Khawar MajeedBCEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Hamza S/O Muhammad AshrafBBABoarding Challan
Muhammad Hamza S/O Rana Muhammad KhanBEEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Hamza Saleem S/O Muhammad Saleem AkhtarBBABoarding Challan
Muhammad Haris Ilyas S/O Muhammad IlyasCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Haseeb Ahsan S/O Shahid Raza ButtBCEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Humza Butt S/O Muhammad Asim ButtBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Ibrahim S/O Atique Ahmed MalikCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Ibrahim Shahid S/O Shahid Karim ButtBCEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Junaid S/O Said ZarinCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Mehmood Ahmad S/O Muhammad YousifMS-EEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Muneer Hassan Khan S/O Nadeem Hassan MustafaBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Rauf S/O Muhammad NoorBCEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Raza S/O Ghulam MurtazaBCEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Rizwan S/O Ehsan Ul HaqBCSBoarding Challan
Muhammad Shahbaz Haider S/O Babar HussainBCSBoarding Challan
Muhammad Shahbaz S/O Nazar Hussain MalikBCSBoarding Challan
Muhammad Shahzad Aslam S/O Muhammad AslamBBSBoarding Challan
Muhammad Shahzad S/O Ghulam ShabirMS-PhyBoarding Challan
Muhammad Shoaib S/O Mazahir Ali ShakirCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Sohaib Maqsood S/O Muhammad Maqsood AhmadCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Sufyan S/O AMJID ALICHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Suleman Shrif S/O Muhammad IlyasB.ArchBoarding Challan
Muhammad Talha Saleem S/O Muhammad Saleem MazherBSEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Tayyab S/O Abdul QadeerCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Umair Younis S/O Muhammad YounisBCSBoarding Challan
Muhammad Umar Bhatti S/O Muhammad ArshadBBABoarding Challan
Muhammad Waqas S/O Muhammad MushtaqCHEBoarding Challan
Muhammad Zain Shahid S/O Shahid IqbalBCSBoarding Challan
Muhammad Zubair S/O Muhammad Khaleeq AhmadBSEBoarding Challan
Muhmmad Noman Awan S/O Muhammad SafdarCHEBoarding Challan
Mujahid Yaseen S/O Muhammad YaseenBSEBoarding Challan
Munawar Hassan S/O Muhammad IqbalBEEBoarding Challan
Naimat Ali Taimoor S/O Muhammad Shahid RafiqBBABoarding Challan
Nauman Mustafa S/O Ghulam MustafaBEEBoarding Challan
Omer Sheraz S/O Nasir Mehmood KhokharBCSBoarding Challan
Rabi Siddique S/O Muhammad SiddiqueBSEBoarding Challan
Raheel Hassan S/O Aman UllahaBBABoarding Challan
Raheem Bukhsh Huzaife S/O Ghulam MuhammadCHEBoarding Challan
Rana Gohar Naeem S/O Muhammad NaeemCHEBoarding Challan
Rana Hamza Ali S/O Shams Pervez AhmadBCSBoarding Challan
Rana Muhammad Umair Younis S/O Muhammad YounisBCSBoarding Challan
Robeel Hassan S/O Hassan MehmoodBCSBoarding Challan
Saad Khalid S/O Muhammad Khalid WarraichBEEBoarding Challan
Saad Munir S/O Abid MunirBSEBoarding Challan
Salman Tanvir S/O Muhammad TanvirBSEBoarding Challan
Saqib Bader S/O Bader IslamCHEBoarding Challan
Saqlain Abbas S/O Muhammad SarwarBPHBoarding Challan
Saram Riaz S/O Riaz AhmedCHEBoarding Challan
Sayed Muhammad Hassan Gillani S/O Iftikhar Ahmad ShahCHEBoarding Challan
Shahwaiz Shamshad S/O Shamshad InayatBSEBoarding Challan
Shahzaib S/O Muhammad IqbalBBABoarding Challan
Shehroze Ali S/O Allah DittaBSEBoarding Challan
Sheraz Ahmad S/O Muhammad AnwarCHEBoarding Challan
Syed Ahmed Bin Waseem S/O Syed Waseem Haider ZaidiBSEBoarding Challan
Syed Danish Abbas abbas S/O Syed Faheem AbbasBCEBoarding Challan
Syed Haider Abbas Bukhari S/O Syed Ameer Ali BukhariBBABoarding Challan
Syed Muhammad Hamza Zahid S/O Syed Zahid AkbarBCSBoarding Challan
Taimoor Tariq S/O Tariq HafeezBPHBoarding Challan
Talha Sajid S/O Sajid AzizBCSBoarding Challan
Umar Farooq S/O Muhammad BashirCHEBoarding Challan
Umar Shahzad S/O Nazar HussainBBABoarding Challan
Usama Azaz S/O Azaz Ud Din Ahmad KhanCHEBoarding Challan
Waheed Abbas S/O Ghulam AbbasRCSBoarding Challan
Zaid Saeed S/O Saeed AhmadBSEBoarding Challan
Zeeshan Ahmed S/O Ibrar AhmedCHEBoarding Challan
Zia ur Rehman S/O Malik Muhammad TufailCHEBoarding Challan
Zubair Saeed S/O Ali SaeedBARBoarding Challan

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