In order to provide a one stop solution to address the needs of departmental heads, faculty members and students, CUI Lahore campus has a university management system named CUONLINE. CUONLINE is a platform used to provide consolidated academic services to faculty and students.

Administrative Services

The departmental heads and program coordinators have the access to CUONLINE which provides the consolidated performance insight to the students enrolled in their respective departments. All the student related matters are combined in CUONLINE in order to give a deep insight to the overall academic performance of students individually as well as collectively.

Faculty Services

All the faculty members have access to the CUONLINE in accordance with the courses allocated where they can upload the course materials including lectures, assignments and quizzes. Moreover, a result management console is also the part of CUONLINE which calculates the semester results and grades based on the marks obtained in different examination criteria.

Student Services

Students can access all the course materials using CUONLINE. The list of services provided to the students using CUONLINE include

  • Lecture Details
  • Attendance Record
  • Course Registration
  • Progress Reports
  • Fee Status
  • Parental Console