Special Scholarships (PWWB QUOTA)

COMSATS Lahore campus is built on the piece of land provided by the Punjab Labour Department. In appreciation of this gesture, COMSATS has reserved 30% quota in all the single degree programs for worker and/or their children.


The Labour department is responsible for payment of all the expenses of the PWWB Quota students. It makes payments on behalf of the students against the tuition fee, hostel fee, and transportation cost.

Eligibilty Criteria

This scholarship is provided to the workers’ children/ workers as per the verified list of PWWB Committee. The worker needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. A person is qualified as a labor department worker if he fulfills the definition of worker as is defined in the industrial Relation Act, 2010.
  2. The worker should have a valid social security card.
  3. The worker should have a minimum work experience of 1 year in a factory registered under the Factories’ Act 1934 or Mines Act 1923.
  4. An organization will be deemed as a factory if it fulfills the definition of a factory as is defined in the Workers’ Welfare Fund Ordinance 1971 or Companies’ Profit Workers Participation Act 1968.
  5. Children of deceased/ disable workers are also eligible to apply for this scholarship provided that the worker/ miner was deceased/ disabled during service, registered under the EOBI/ Social Security, his widow/ legal heir got Death Grant from Punjab Workers’ Welfare Board, or receives pension from the EOBI/ Social Security.
  6. The worker/ miner or his child seeking admission should not have been involved in any illegal activity or criminal proceedings.

Award Of Scholarship

The candidates apply for this scholarship at the time of admission in all the Single Degree Programs. The candidates need to submit the following set of documents along with their admission application form at the time of admission:

  1. Worker/ miner’s CNIC.
  2. Worker/ miner’s Social Security Card/ Old Age Benefit Card.
  3. Worker/ miner’s Factory Card/ Employee Card mentioning his/ her designation.
  4. Worker/ miner’s Appointment Letter.
  5. The Factory Registration Certificate under the Factories’ Act 1934 or Mines Act 1923.
  6. CNIC/ Family Registration Certificate issued by NADRA of the prospective student.
  7. Worker/ miner’s Service Certificate and a certificate on his/ her good moral conduct.
  8. The candidate needs to sign an affidavit on a Rs. 20. Stamp Paper stating that if he/ she discontinues his/ her education, he/she will pay all the educational expenditures back to the Labour Department.
  9. In case deceased/ disabled worker/ miner, proof of receiving Death Grant/ Disability Pension needs to be submitted.

Award OF Scholarship

After the closure of admission dates, the Scrutiny Committee from the labour department verifies the PWWB application forms and selects the forms as per their own rules and regulations. The list of selected candidates is uploaded on the CIIT’s official website. The selected candidates are required to submit a security deposit of Rs. 5000 only. (non-refundable)

Scholarship Continuation

This scholarship is provided for a maximum of 8 semesters or the maximum duration of the student’s respective degree program. In case if a student repeats a course or semester, he/she has to deposit the dues as per CIIT rules and regulations.


Nisar Ahmad
Manager Students Financial Aid office
042-111-001-007 Ext: 834-835

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