The first official Alumni body of COMSATS Lahore aims to help you stay in touch with your campus and other CUI-Lahore alumni, no matter wherever you are in the world. The COMSATS-Lahore Alumni - with graduates from all academic programs at CUI-Lahore form an integral part of the University. This ever-growing body represents a rich resource base for the campus with its huge reservoir of diverse talents and expertise spanning over areas like Computer Sciences, Management, Engineering and Mathematics. Through this alumni body, the campus will ensure that good communication link is established amongst the alumni as well as between the alumni and the campus. To achieve this it has established an office where administrative facilities are provided to its alumni for the completion of their membership. Not only this, the office will be responsible to build a cohesive network of CUI-Lahore Alumni. It will ensure unhindered communication throughout the year that includes timely announcement of all CUI campuses events as well. The office aims to organize different alumni based activities that will help connecting the alumni around the globe. These measures will keep our alumni informed about the whereabouts and achievements of fellow alumni, as well as important developments at the campus. An electronic version of the campus Magazine will also be available on the website.


Find Your Classmate: enables you and offers you an exclusive access to find latest updates about your class fellows in COMSATS Lahore related to their professional positions and personal details. You can find the specific details about class fellows by visiting the Alumni Portal more →


Alumni Career Portal: enables you to help you fellow by providing information of job opportunities within your organization or can request specific help related to finding jobs and other support. Your fellows are your best source for finding best jobs around more →

Alumni Events

Alumni Events

Alumni Dinner:An annual alumni dinner will be organized by COMSIAN more →

Alumni at a Glance

  1. Total Passed Out Students till Spring-2022: 18211
  2. Total Passed Out Male Students = 14283
  3. Total Passed Out Female Students = 3928
  4. Total Passed Out Undergraduatess = 15637
  5. Total Passed Out Graduatess = 2463
  6. Total Passed Out in MS-Programs = 2463
  7. Total Passed Out in PhD-Programs = 111
  8. Worker Quota Graduates = 3286