NTS Need base Scholarship

NTS launched a scholarship program for students in need of financial assistance enrolled at associated universities and institution. Through this program, the students in need of financial assistance will get partial or complete waiver of tuition fees and a stipend worth Rs. 5000/- per month for two Semesters i.e. nine months in one academic year.

How to Apply

Deserving students can obtain NTS Need-based Scholarship Application Form from the Financial Aid Office (FAO) at the NTS Associated Universities / Institutions or can download it from NTS website (www.nts.org.pk).

Admissions at a Glance

  • Academic Departments: 13
  • Total Programs Offered: 46
  • Under Graduate Programs: 20
  • Graduate Programs: 26 (17 MS, 9 PhD)
  • Total no. of faculty: 492
  • Total no. of PhD faculty: 227
  • 71 spacious and furnished lecture rooms
Girls Hostel Boarding Capacity: (Maximum)
  • Fatimah Jinnah Hall-I: 145