Sunday, December 17, 2017

we are am pleased to share that in the 58th International Mathematics Olympiad, Rio, Brazil, team Pakistan, trained by Mathematics department CIIT Lahore, has achieved followings:
  1. Won one bronze medal (missed silver medal by one mark)
  2. Won 3 honorable mentions
  3. Pakistan got its highest IMO team score till date.

July 25, 2017

Bridging the gap between the biomathematics and control theory in collaboration with Xidian University, China.

It is a great pleasure to share with you the news that Dr. Ayehsa Sohail has successfully completed the tasks assigned to her during the sabbatical, Dr. Ayehsa Sohail was offered from February 2017 –July 2017 (Spring 2017), at Xidian University to carry out research on the project entitled ``cancer invasion and modeling of prostate cancer bone metastasis’’. During the research, they successfully submitted articles, projects, book chapters and a book to leading journals, institutes and publishers including Wiley. One of the projects has been qualified for the second round (International Young Scientists Research Fund project ). The host research group consisted of many subgroups with highly skilled faculty members and 80+ Phd and master students.

One of the main objectives of the project was to develop a multiphase computational model to analyze the dynamic process of trabecular bone remodeling. they successfully developed the codes for the remodeling simulations to demonstrate the morphological changes at the single trabecular level under the axisymmetric compressive loading, as well as to study the androgen deprivation therapy-triggered physical changes in trabecular structure. During this research, ``bridging the gap between the experimental (physiological and clinical data) and numerical simulations’’ was targeted. The computational environment utilized included Java and NetLogo.

July 20, 2017

  • Musferah Mehfooz and Rabia Ashraf: Lībās (Garment) Metaphor in Holy Qur'ān: A Conceptual Metaphorical Analysis, Pakistan Journal of Islamic Research, Vol 18, Issue 1, June, 2017- HEC- Y Category
  • Rabia Ashraf; Psychodynamics of Mother Daughter Relationship: Degrees of Deprivation, Oppression and Dispossession in Doris Lessing ’s Fiction, Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Volume 20, Number 1, June, 2017- ISI Indexed
  • Rathore, S., Habes, M., Iftikhar, M. A., Shacklett, A., & Davatzikos, C. (2017). A review on neuroimaging-based classification studies and associated feature extraction methods for Alzheimer's disease and its prodromal stages. NeuroImage.
  • Mesh Partitioning and Efficient Equation Solving Techniques by Distributed Finite Element Methods: A Survey

July 04, 2017

Ms Javaria Farooqui participated in the 2016 conference of the International Association for the Study of Popular Romance, which took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, from June 22-26, 2016. She received full research grant from the University of Utah to present her work there, which was titled “Raging Seas and Cloudy Skies’: Macro to Meso Level Psychosemantic Movement in Stephanie Laurens’ Black Cobra Quartet.” Her work was appreciated because it adds to the growing body of scholarship that demonstrates the significance of this popular literary genre as it relates to larger issues of love and gender and how they are constructed and depicted in cultures around the world.

July 04, 2017

Ahmad Nawaz has attended the 5 th European Research Conference on Microfinance from 12 th to 14 th June 2017 where he has presented the papers “Human Resource and the Social Performance of Microfinance: An Empirical Investigation” during session 1.2 ‘MFI Practices’, and “External Environment and Performance of Microfinance: A Way Forward” during session 2.4 “Markets” on June 12 th 2017. He was also the moderator of the session 3.2 ‘Group Lending and Social CapitaI’ on June 13 th 2017.

June 12, 2017

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