Program Learning Outcome

Mapping of PLOs with PEOs

PLO 1: Apply Chemical Engineering Knowledge:

Ability to apply engineering knowledge, basic sciences, and chemical engineering principles to solve complex chemical engineering problems (WA-1)

PLO 2: Demonstrate Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills:

Ability to integrate principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and chemical engineering to solve complex chemical engineering problems through creative, innovative, lateral, and critical thinking (WA-2)

PLO 3: Able to Design a System:

Ability to design systems or processes to solve complex chemical engineering problems to meet specified needs with appropriate considerations for public health and safety, environment, culture, and society (WA-3)

PLO 4: Demonstrate Research Skills:

Ability to investigate, conduct literature survey, design, and conduct experiments, analyze, and interpret data and apply research skills to solve complex chemical engineering problems (WA-4)

PLO-5: Inculcate Computational Techniques:

Ability to inculcate modern computational techniques and skills to solve complex chemical engineering problems (WA-5)

PLO-6: Responsive to Issues:

Ability to responsibly act as well as response to the societal, cultural, legal and health, safety and environment related issues that are relevant to professional chemical engineering practices (WA-6)

PLO-7: Practice Knowledge for Sustainable Development:

Ability to practice professional chemical engineering knowledge for sustainable development (WA-7)

PLO-8: Demonstrate High Ethical Standards:

Ability to work ethically according to the norms of chemical engineering practices (WA-8)

PLO-9: Possess Leadership Skills and Confidence for Independent and Team Work:

Ability to work independently, and as a leader or a member in a team to manage projects in multi-disciplinary environment (WA-9)

PLO-10: Able to Communicate Effectively:

Ability to communicate effectively through written and oral modes to all levels of society (WA-10)

PLO-11: Acquire Entrepreneurship Skills:

Ability to acquire entrepreneurship skills and business insights (WA-11)

PLO-12: Display Life-Long Learning Skills:

Ability to enhance knowledge and engage in life-long learning (WA-12)

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