Master of Science in Energy & Environmental Engineering


With depleting conventional resources and the need to focus on environment friendly technologies, energy sector is clearly poised for a rapid growth. With these ever-growing problems in today’s energy consumption and production. It is necessary to build a sustainable environment for our generations to come. Managing enough clean water, air, land, and food has become obligatory with a rapid increase in world’s population. Not only can new energy options contribute towards a cleaner environment, but also help to address issues of energy security and access that hold great relevance in developing countries like Pakistan. Soon, global energy systems will experience major modifications and the sustainability of the same will corroborate to be of the high significance for the environment and society.

The MS in Energy and Environmental Engineering program seeks to offer a wide spectrum of knowledge for effective utilization of energy for sustainable environment. It will enable students to apply various methodologies to move towards a sustainable, cleaner and energy efficient environment. This unique multi-disciplinary program will train the students not only in renewable energy technologies and its implementation but also in equally important areas of energy infrastructure, rational use of energy, energy and environmental policies, and energy-environment interface etc. Thus, the program enables the students to tackle practical problems of design, development, deployment in the industry, and to pursue academics as well as frontiers of research.

The program envisages to invite national and international experts in the field and provide ample opportunity for students to interact and carve out suitable career options in their fields of interest. The master’s degree of Energy and Environmental Engineering is focused on finding efficient, environmentally friendly and innovative ways to produce /supply energy. Graduates would be able to work in a variety of roles focusing on supplying energy to meet the demand without emasculating environmental integrity and reduce the fossil fuel utilization rate.

Reasons to apply in MS (Environmental and Energy Engineering) program

This is a unique multi-disciplinary program that will develop your skills and confidence to:

  • address the global challenges of energy and environment
  • develop environmentally friendly technologies for fossil fuels utilization
  • develop technologies for renewable energy resources and their optimal use
  • assess the impact of using conventional and renewable energy resources
  • design treatment processes for waste industrial streams (solid, liquid and gaseous)
  • measure and control air pollution and carbon emissions
  • assess the economics of climate change

Job Market

Governments all over the globe are implementing environmental laws more rigorously. Opportunities for energy and environmental engineering graduates are increasing as the technology is advancing. With the upcoming power projects, the job prospects of energy and environmental engineering in the local market is getting better. The major sectors are now realizing the need to develop energy and environment posts due to stronger implementation by government regulatory authorities. Apart from the job placements in conventional chemical industries and process industries, the program will provide and additional advantage to the students in the areas of research and development, renewable energy sector, power production sector- e.g., coal fired power plants, energy and environmental consultancies, petroleum industries, fuel production industries (oil, gas and nuclear), manufacturing companies, government departments and environmental monitoring organizations.

Structure of the program

The program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to get placement in the industry, academia and research and development (R&D) organizations.

The program is split into course work and the research work that carries 24 and 6 credit hours respectively.

Admission Criteria

Merit for admission into MS Energy and Environmental Engineering program will be determined based on the academic record, test and interview.

Admission Pre-Requisites

Being interdisciplinary program, graduates in the fields of Chemical, Environmental, Metallurgy, Materials, Power, Civil, Petroleum & Gas, Mechanical, Polymer, Energy Engineering and/or any other relevant program are eligible to apply.

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