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X-Ray Diffraction-meter

  • Philips PANalytical X’Pert Powder
  • Characterizing structure at the nano-scale
  • Phase identification and quantification of powders and thin film
  • Transmission powder diffraction
  • Measurement of thickness and quality of thin film structures.
  • Microdiffraction on very small spots
  • In situ studies
  • Give information regarding crystallinity, crystalline size and orientation.

Dr. Murid Hussain
Associate Professor

Sample should be either in
powder form or
film/disc of 1*1 cm2 with thickness less than 5 mm

Gas Chromatogram - Mass Spectrometer

  • Agilent GC System with FID and ECD (7890A)
  • Agilent Mass Spectrometry Detector (5975C)

For quantitative & qualitative analysis of volatile compounds in field of

  • Forensic Science
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Research and Development
  • Environmental studies
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Petrochemical Industry & Biofuel
  • Agriculture
  • Cosmetics and personal care products
  • Clinical
  • Life science

Dr. Muhammad Shahid Nazir
Assistant Professor

Liquid sample (without water content)

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

  • Agilent Tech. Flame AAS (280FS AA)
  • Agilent Tech. Graphite Tube Atomizer (280Z AA)

AAS is widely used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of following solution

    • Water
    • Wastewater
    • Alloy
    • Industrial plating baths
    • Blood
    • Urine
    • Industrial waste
    • Gasoline
    • Sediments & rocks

Dr. Muhammad Rizwan
Assistant Professor

Water sample without any turbidity and precipitates.
Ask minimum detectable concentration range of metal ions specifically.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

  • Magritek Spinsolve Carbon NMR
    • Solution structure.  
    • Molecular dynamics
    • Protein folding
    • Ionization
    • Weak intermolecular interactions Protein hydration
    • Hydrogen bonding
    • Drug screening and design
    • Native membrane protein
    • Metabolite analysis
    • Chemical analysis
    • Material science

Dr. Lubna Sherin
Assistant Professor

Liquid sample prepared by researcher



  • Gamry Reference 3000 (Potentiostat / Galvanostat / Zero-resistance Ammeter)
  • Batteries, Fuel Cell and Supercapacitors
  • Synthetic Chemistry
  • Plating Research
  • Sensor Development
  • Kinetic and Thermodynamic Measurements
  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
  • Corrosion Measurement
  • Analytical Electrochemistry

Dr. Sara Riaz
Assistant Professor

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

  • BMS (UV-1602) Auto-sampler UV Spectrophotometer
  • ORI (Germany) UV Spectrophotometer
    • Quantitative Analysis (Identification of the concentration of the unknown substance)
    • Qualitative Analysis (Identification of an unknown substance):
    • Enzyme Assay

Dr. Maria Mustafa
Assistant Professor

Liquid sample

Digital Microscope

  • MEIJI Digital Microscope
  • LABOMAD Digital Microscope

Dr. Robina Farooq

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