COMSATS Journal of Islamic Finance

Volume 6(2), 2021

COMSATS Journal of Islamic Finance (CJIF) is A double-blind peer reviewed research Journal that is an official publication of Center of Islamic Finance (CIF) at CUI, Lahore Campus. CJIF provides a platform to researchers, academicians and practitioners who are interested in new knowledge and in discussing ideas, issues and challenges in the field of Islamic finance, banking, accounting, business and economics. It further encourages qualitative and quantitative research in Fiqh al Muamlat and Islamic jurisprudence. CJIF welcomes strong evidence-based empirical studies and result-focused case studies. Critical and logical views on existing practices are also welcomed.

The Competency of Sharī‘ah Auditors of Islamic Banking Institutions: An Analytical Study

Muhammad Asghar Shahzad1, Asim Ehsan, Mohammad Ayaz2, Hafiz Rauf Iqbal3
1,4 International Islamic University, Islamabad. 2 Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad 3 University of Management and Technology Lahore

DOI: 10.26652/cjif.6202121

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Islamic equities Volatility and U.S. Economic Influence: Case of Emerging Market

Farah Naz 1, Amir Manzoor 2, Khalil Nasir Khan 3, Liaqat Ali 4
1,2,4 Bahria University Karachi Campus, 3 BZU, Bahadur Campus, Layyah.

DOI: 10.26652/cjif.6202122

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Mitigating Shariah Risk Through Ḥiyal (Legal Stratagems): A Classical and Effective Technique- A Literature Review

Muhammad Omer Rafique 1, Imam Uddin2,, Ahmad Sufyan Che Abdullah3, Mohd Abd Wahab Fatoni, 4 Lubna Maroof1, Shahab Aziz 2 Dr Irum Saba3, Sumera Iqbal 4 Basharat Khan 5
1,3,4University of Malaya, 2 Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi

DOI: 10.26652/cjif.6202123

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An Analytical Study of the Shariah Foundations of the Contemporary Islamic Banking in the Light of the Teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Fakhra Tehseen
G. C. Women University, Sialkot

DOI: 10.26652/cjif.6202124

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Islamic Alternative to Existing Agricultural Credits: A Study of Agri-Credit System of Pakistan

Masooma Batool, Muhammad Hassan Shakeel
University of Management and Technology Lahore, Pakistan

DOI: 10.26652/cjif.6202125

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