Degree Programmes

  • 4 years BBA in Islamic Banking and Finance
  • 1.5 years MBA for students with sixteen years of education

These programmes are specifically designed to provide both theory and practical application specifically concentrating on Islamic fundamental and Shari’ah principles.

The programmes equip students with skills in analysing the processes leading to the design, use and management of Islamic financial management information systems; to serve as professional specialists, in a range of managerial and managerial support functions.

The programs also open opportunities for graduates who wish to further their study in a subject of particularly relevance to the modern industrial context.

Professional certifications in collaboration with internationally recognized institutions

The professional certifications of CIF covers a wide range of critical topics ranging from wealth management, banking and investment to financial services, ethics and governance. The programme aims to provide scholars with a comprehensive and practical understanding of Islamic economics, finance and Shariah as well as the environment in which Islamic Finance players operate.