Published Articles

TitleAuthorsPublished ByDownload
Performance of Islamic and Conventional Stock Indices: Empirical Evidence From an Emerging Economy. (2015) Dr. Waheed Akhter & Ejaz Rana Financial Innovation (Springer Berlin Heidelberg) Download Paper
Waqf As a Socially Responsible Investment Instrument: A case for Western countries (2014) Mujtaba Khalid European Journal of Islamic Finance (EJIF) Download Paper
The key players’ perception on the role of Islamic microfinance in poverty alleviation The case of Pakistan (2014) Dr. Kausar Abbas & Nasim Shirazi Journal of Islamic Accounting & Business Research (Emerald) Download Paper
Analysis of GNP Formula: The Islamic Perspective (2013) Dr. Imran Haider Naqvi & Maryam Saeed Hashmi IBTRA Download Paper
Takaful Standards and Customer Perceptions Affecting Takaful Practices in Pakistan: A Survey (2012) Dr. Waheed Akhter & Dr.Tajamul Hussain International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management (Emerald) Download Paper
Islamic Banking in Pakistan: Fiqa-e-Jaferia Offers Optimization (2012) Dr. Imran Haider Naqvi African Journal of Business Management Download Paper
Liquidity Risk and Islamic Banks: Evidence from Pakistan (2011) Dr. Imran Haider Naqvi, Naveed Ahmed & Zulfiqar Ahmed Interdisciplinary Journal of Research in Business Download Paper
Efficiency and Performance of Islamic Banking: The Case of Pakistan (2011) Dr. Waheed Akhter, Raza Ali, Orangzeb Sheikh, Akram Muhammad
Islamic Micro-finance and Poverty Alleviation: A case of Pakistan (2011) Dr. Waheed Akhter, Dr.Nadeem Akhtar & Khuram Ali Jafri International Journal Of Research In Commerce, Economics & Management Download Paper
Risk Management in Takaful (2010) Dr. Waheed Akhter
Takaful Models and Global Practices (2010) Dr. Waheed Akhter
Development of Takaful: A Historical Perspective (2009) Dr. Waheed Akhter
Regulatory Frameworks Affecting Takaful Business: A Pakistan Paradigm (2007) Dr. Waheed Akhter