Islamic Finance Excellence Awards

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Over the last three decades Islamic Finance has developed exponentially which is expected to continue in years. Today Islamic Finance industry contains investments of more than USD 2.00 trillion. However, this growth did not come out of blue. There is untiring work of individuals and institutions who devotedly contributed to spread Islamic Finance. Considering the pivotal role played by the key individuals and institutions, this is the time to celebrate the success of Islamic Finance by acknowledging important role imparted by these players.

To commemorate the role of prominent Institutions and Individuals, Center of Islamic Finance at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology is initiating Islamic Finance Excellence Awards (IFEA) that will be the first of their kind of awards in Pakistan to honour the institutions and individuals by recognizing their work. The IFEA will be unique as it will focus on the individuals’ personal contributions as well as institutional impact towards the development and advancement of Islamic finance. IFEA awards will recognize and celebrate success and contributions of individuals and institutions in the Islamic financial services Industry. The objective of IFEA is to highlight the best practices in Islamic banking and finance and celebrate success of the Pakistan’s government, institutions and individuals in Islamic banking and finance, with an ultimate objective of promoting social responsibility, adherence to Shari’a authenticity and commitment to Islamic banking and finance by taking into account innovation, quantity and quality.

Awards Committee

Prof. Dr. Khalid Riaz (Dean FBA, CUI)   Chair
Prof. Dr. Akram Laldin (Executive Director ISRA Malaysia)   Member
Prof. Dr. Volker Nienhaus (Germany)    Member
Prof. Dr. Nasim Shah Sherazi (IRTI-IDB)  Member
Mr. Akmal Hanuk (CEO IBFC-UK)  Member
Dr. Abdus Sattar Abbasi (Head CIF)   Member
Dr. M. Ali Jibran Qamar (CIF, CUI Lahore)   Secretary


  1. Best Islamic Finance Bank
  2. Best Islamic Window
  3. Best Islamic NBFC (Non Banking Financial Company)
  4. Best Islamic Microfinance Provider
  5. Lifetime Achievement Award
  6. Islamic Finance Personality of the Year
  7. Best Emerging Islamic Finance Bank
  8. Best Islamic Finance Innovation Award
  9. Best Stock Performer of the Year
  10. CIF Special Award