Glimpse of PhD Thesis Defense of Dr. Iqrash Shafiq – A proud alumnus of Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Research Group (CRERG).

It is matter of immense pleasure to share the story of another proud Alumnus of the Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Research Group (CRERG) at the Department of Chemical Engineering, CUI Lahore Campus.
Dr. Iqrash Shafiq has completed his PhD with a cumulative impact factor of over 100, nine first author publications in reputed high impact factor international journals like Catalysis Reviews (IF: 20.21), Chemical Engineering Journal (IF: 13.27), Journal of Cleaner Production (IF: 9.29), Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (IF: 6.06), Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering (IF: 5.90), etc., and completing the doctoral requirements within 3 years under the supervision of Dr. Murid Hussain.
Dr. Shafiq’s doctoral work entitled “A Study on Photocatalytic Oxidative Desulfurization of Diesel” was focused on the extremely important issue currently faced by the country i.e., the transformation from the high-sulfur liquid fuels to the ultra-low sulfur liquid fuels, which more precisely referred to as the conversion of Euro-II fuels into Euro-V through photocatalytic oxidative desulfurization reaction pathway, under mild reaction conditions in an aerobic environment, without the need for the hydrogen gas that is required in conventional hydrodesulfurization, hence saving huge cost.
The CRERG at CUI is actively involving the national and international collaborators both from academia and industry, and playing the pioneering role to work on this problem country-wide by making extensive efforts to explore the novel technologies to mitigate this issue, alongside the development of new and efficient catalysts. The students at CRERG get the opportunity to work under supervision of highly skilled and qualified faculty in state-of-the-art laboratories. These extraordinary achievements of our graduate students depict the excellent standards of research activities, accessibility to the characterization and analysis equipments, objective-oriented research, and promoting the collaborations bridging the gap between academia and the process industry.

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