ARCD runs a continuous series of seminars and webinars held throughout the years for capacity building and polishing the communication and writing skills of our students to equip them with modern trends and technologies and to provide them real-world experiences where high level executives, HR Specialists, mentors and career counsellors impart knowledge with wisdom and essential skills to transform the students into successful professionals meeting the challenges of ever changing corporate world.

Seminar by USEFP

Ms. Saima Muzaffar briefed students about the types of stressors at university, their timely identification, and their adverse effects on health.

Seminar by USEFP

Ms. Sumayya Tariq from US State Department and Ms. Maryam Zahra Khan from USEFP guided students about procedure to apply for Fulbright Scholarships.

Seminar by OGRA

HR Manager from OGRA addressed our students how HR department works in corporate sector and what is mostly desired by HR in recruiting human resource.

Seminar by HR Specialists from WWF

HR specialist from WWF guided students about HR functions and diversity issues in cross cultural and multinational organizations.