COMSATS University, being a top ranking university in Pakistan, owes a distinctive contribution towards promoting the nation’s social, cultural, environmental and socio-economic well-being whether through research & development or by providing the workforce equipped with unique skill-sets, knowledge, technologies, professionalism and values with a fervor and passion to serve the communities around the globe.

Establishment of “Office of Alumni Relations & Career Development” is indeed, a manifesto of the same chain-series to provide our students where they can get connected to outer world of corporates and multinationals as their potential employers to opt for bright careers and then reconnect to their Alma Mater as Alumni to impart their contribution for helping and building future of the generations to come. Our office caters to the moral, logical, psychological, intellectual and pragmatic aspects of the learners with the strong realization to build up our graduates as valuable, prestigious part of the society to bring more positivity, tolerance and performance for a healthy, vigorous and profound society.

At the office of Alumni Relations and Career Development, COMSATS, our main objective is to cultivate intellectual, environmentally conscious, investigative, entrepreneurial, innovative and professional individuals who can develop knowledge on a global scale, and spread this knowledge both at national and international levels efficaciously.

The office works at incredibly wider domain encompassing the entire Comsian Community, our current students, alumni, faculty and potential employers, chaining them into a win-win relationship where every stakeholder can benefit both individually and collectively through an inclusive, safe and positive environment, serving to develop a noticeably changed global world. My warmest regards to all potential employers, corporates and companies and indeed wishing best of luck to our students in their future endeavor and bright careers.

Saima Muzaffar
Manager: Office of Alumni Relations & Career Development