Mental Health Day

Comsats psychological society (CPS) under department of Humanities has organised mental health day with the theme "Mental health is a universal human right". The team lead by Ms Bareera Saeed, Ms Huma Yaseen, & Ms Hamna (lecturers psychology)  very diligently organised  this wonderful activity. We are really grateful to the support provided by director Sahib for this highly important and well needed activity. The whole day from 10:00 am to 6:00pm turned out to be very  informative, productive,  interactive, and motivating with rich knowledge shared by our esteemed guests. Activities included:
1- Breast Cancer Awareness walk

2-Awareness seminars on Alzheimer's day a renowned consultant psychiatrist of Mayo Hospital, Dr Imran Sharif"

2- Dr Usman Rasheed, a clinical psychologist talked about "how Mental toughness in Youth may promote mental health and productivity"

3- Prof Dr Shahida Batool from GCU talked about "ways of raising awareness and promoting mental Health"

4- Ms Rukhsana Mahmood from Kinnaird college university talked about "mindfulness to improve mental health"

5-inter university student panel discussion on the theme " impact of poverty and inequality on mental health among youth" was also arranged and went very well with 6 universities participating in the discussion. Dr Farhat Nadeem from Beaconhouse National University joined as an analyst and provided excellent feedback and closing remarks on the student panel discussion.

6- Counseling Desk was wonderfully arranged by students and faculty and provided counseling to unexpectedly greater number of individuals (students and faculty).

7- Psychological assessment services desk was arranged for the whole day to provide psychological and personality assessment services.

8- Mental Health awareness walk was also arranged.

9- Mental health awareness $ breast cancer awareness batches were distributed to all the guests and participants.