Poster Competition on the "ills of social media and its impact on education."

Department of Humanities and Media & Communication Studies, CUI Lahore organized a poster competition on the "ills of social media and its impact on education."
Students of English and media studies exhibited well thought out and creatively designed posters on the given theme.
Students showcased their creativity by addressing various issues such as:

  • Transparency (People as well as platforms should be transparent)
  • Privacy (Respect the privacy of people on social media)
  • Sense of Responsibility (People should behave like a responsible citizen on social media)
  • Digital Literacy (People should be aware of digital media usage)
  • Moral Values (Maintain the moral values of society on social media)
  • Harassment
  • Online Scamming/ Fraud
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Trolling

Prof Dr. Syed Asad Hussain, worthy Director CUI, Lahore, the chief guest of this event, commended the students for their insightful concepts and congratulated the Humanities and Media Department for arranging such an enlightening event!  He also said that we should continue to raise awareness about harmful impact of social media on students’ academic progress and foster a positive digital environment.
Dr. Musferah Mehfooz and Dr. Sohail Riaz congratulated all the participants for their remarkable efforts in highlighting the bad impact of social media on education. They acknowledged the efforts of Ms. Amna Naveed, Dr. Farzana, Dr. Mahira and Ms. Saman Riaz.