The Department

The department of Humanities is a fresh and novel dimension to the general introduction of COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus. The department of Humanities at CUI is different in outlook from its counterparts in other universities and Degree Awarding Institutes. Unlike the departments of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences of other universities, we at CUI work together with all the other departments with an interdisciplinary approach to keeps us abreast of the modern challenges posed onto academicians and researchers. We are better positioned to study and respond to the challenges arising out of human interactions in the modern mechanized living in its myriad of manifestations.

The department of Humanities was set up as a separate department in 2010. Soon after its inception, the department launched BS Psychology and MS English programs, In Fall 2018, BS Media and Communication Studies was launched

In addition to the degree programs, the department has been offering four streams of compulsory as well as optional courses that are the parts of Degree Programs. These component courses come from areas as diverse as Languages (English, Arabic, and French), Islamic Studies, Psychology, Pakistan Studies, Sociology, and International Relations. More programs and courses are planned to be offered in near future.