BS English (Language & Literature)

BS English (Language & Literature)

The key aim of the four years BS English (Language & Literature) program is to introduce the learners to courses from diverse fields to promote trans disciplinarily linguistic and text analysis in their historical, socio-political, cultural, and philosophical contexts to develop an understanding of different genres and forms of literary expression.

The graduates of this program will be able to read a variety of texts critically and proficiently to demonstrate, in writing or speech, the comprehension, analysis, and interpretation of those texts. They will be able to write a literary or expository text using the conventions of standard as well as stylistically appropriate English.

Our mission is to produce graduates who are able to demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of major texts and traditions of language and literature written in English and utilize their social, cultural, theoretical, and historical contexts in/for academic research.

Prospects of a degree in BS English

English is one of the degree programs which is high in demand because of its multi-disciplinary job market including Linguists, Playwrights, English language teachers, Translators, Interpreters, Copy writers, Content writers, proof readers, Civil servants, Officers, News casters, News reporters, Journalists, Customer service representatives, Information managers and Freelancers.

English as a Minor Offered to Other Programs. Any 4 of the listed courses may be opted as a minor.


Course Code

Course Title

Credit Hours




Introduction to English Poetry and Drama

3(3, 0)




Introduction to Linguistics

3(3, 0)




Fiction and Non Fiction in English Literature

3(3, 0)




Language Teaching Approaches

3(3, 0)




Applied Grammar

3(3, 0)




Testing, Assessment and Evaluation

3(3, 0)


Admission Criteria

  • Intermediate or equivalent with minimum 50% marks, from an accredited institution
  • Valid NTS test Score as per CUI Policy

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