One-Day Workshop on Corpus Linguistics

The Department of Humanities organized a One-Day Workshop on Corpus Linguistics for the MS English students and English faculty members on October 19th, 2023. Dr. Umara Shaheen, Assistant Professor of English, arranged the workshop to provide the participants with hands-on experience using corpus tools, equipping them with modern research techniques. Corpus linguistics has revolutionized language analysis, making it an essential tool for researchers, linguists, and educators. The workshop was led by Dr. Urooj Alvi, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Education, who has extensive experience in corpus linguistics. The trainer covered a range of topics, including corpus design, data collection, and analysis, and familiarized them with various software tools such as Sketch Engine, Multidimensional Analysis Tagger (MAT), and WordSmith Tools. The participants found the workshop to be a valuable learning experience that allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of corpus linguistics and its applications.