Volunteer Work & Sociology of Religion"

The seminar on "Volunteer Work & Sociology of Religion" conducted by Miss Iffat Khalid Lecturer Department of Humanities on 10 th June 2023. Mr. Adeel Javed CEO of Pakistan Citizens Alliance was invited as a guest speaker. The objective of seminar was to explore the intersection of volunteerism and the role of religion in community service. The CEO of PCA reinforced the sociological aspects of volunteerism, emphasizing its role in fostering social harmony and community development. Volunteer work promotes inclusivity, strengthens social bonds, and cultivates a sense of belonging among individuals from diverse religious backgrounds. It serves as a platform for people to come together, transcending religious boundaries and working towards shared goals. The seminar also focused on the broader impact of volunteerism on society. By engaging in volunteer work, individuals contribute to the betterment of their communities and address various social challenges, such as poverty, inequality, and discrimination. Volunteerism also help them in personal growth. M Adeel Javed highlighted success stories of volunteer-driven initiatives and emphasized the transformative power of collective action.