Book Talks- Semester Finale

Dr Javaria Farooqui organized the semester finale of the “Book Talks” project, which was a collaboration of Humanities department and CUI Lahore library. For the final session, two authors were invited: Dr Osama Siddique, author of Snuffing out the Moon, and Farrukh Husain, author of Afghanistan in the Age of Empires. Both authors donated signed copies of their books to CUI Lahore library.
Dr Siddique’s talk was titled “The Reader’s Mind; the Writer’s Pen: Why Reading & Writing Books Still Matters.” He led a very lively interactive discussion on the current literary culture, publishing, and writing [in English and in Urdu] in Pakistan.
Husain Husain’s talk covered the causes of the first Anglo-Afghan in particular the fear of an Afghan-Persian force advancing to liberate Punjab from the Sikhs. He listed many myths perpetuated about Afghans in English literature.