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Lancaster University Library

Lancaster University Library has vast resources in e-version such as Library guides, eBooks, Journal Databases, Company Reports, Statistical Sheets and many more. The resources can be accessed through VPN from any location.

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IMF eLibrary

Subscribers to IMF Data can use this powerful new tool to access authoritative, harmonized global statistical databases. International Financial Statistics – all aspects of international and domestic finance, with history to 1948. Direction of Trade - value of exports and imports between countries and their trading partners, with history to 1980. Balance of Payments - international economic transactions data and International Investment Position, with history to 1960. Government Finance Statistics - budgetary and extra-budgetary financial operations data of governments, with history to 1990. For help, please view the “IMF ELibrary-How to Access and Create Personal Account”

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World Bank eLibrary

The World Bank eLibrary is the World Bank’s subscription-based collection of nearly 8,000 books, reports, journals, and working papers including:

  • Development Outreach, World Bank Economic Review and World Bank Research Observer journal articles published since 1996
  • Development Economics (DEC) policy research working papers published since 1995
  • e-books and reports dating as far as the 1970’s (in the case of the World Development Reports), plus
  • all new formal publications upon release

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Environment Data Resource Centre (EDRC) - A Reference Library

The day-to-day decisions and actions of people everywhere affect our living planet. Yet people do not have enough information to make wise choices. Providing this information is the role of the Environment Data Resource Centre (EDRC) at WWF – Pakistan. We believe that the secret to successful conservation is not to keep it a secret! That is why we devote our resources to reaching out to a large and ever-growing audience of students, teachers, government and NGOs, WWF members, and the general public to tell them about endangered wildlife and wild places and to engage their energies in taking action before it is too late.

In the absence of any library/information centre catering to the needs of a large and ever-growing audience, WWF - Pakistan established the EDRC in 1992 with support from WWF International. The EDRC was primarily set up to fill the critical gap created by the absence of information centres in these times of growing environmental awareness. It is now being widely used by Government organisations, non government organisations (NGOs), and research institutions.

Maintaining information in the form of databases and disseminating it through the most modern information management systems, the EDRC is providing information to a large number of professional researchers, wildlife and conservation departments, educational institutions, NGOs and students. Annually, the EDRC is providing service to more than 4000 users.

Books, journals, reports, slides and a regularly updated database of newspaper articles are available in the EDRC. Copies of the electronic version of WWF - Pakistan publications can be forwarded by e-mail on request. Material cannot be borrowed from the Environmental Data Resource Centre, but staff is able to help with reference queries, and the following material can be copied in accordance with copyright law.

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Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan’s Publications

This site have all the publications of Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan includes Pakistan Economic Survey, Federal Budget, yearbooks, statements and many more.

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