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SOPs stands for Standard Operating Procedures and the main purpose/aim behind these rules/guidelines are to suit the needs, objectives and further to schedule and budget of an organization in such a way to streamline its activities/services at the contemporary trends. CUI Library is a huge set up and making/devising everlasting policies/SOPs are unavoidable for running its business/activities in such a smooth and efficient way so that to go shoulder by shoulder, without any difficulty, with the contemporary needs/trends.

Assigning Job Descriptions to the Library Staff
Assigning job or job description to the Library staff is another important task to be do ne by the Librarian. Job description of any Library staff can be changed further to the instructions of the Librarian.

Acquisition for Library Resources
  1. Only faculty members/ officers can send their request for library resources acquisition to acquisition incharge, on prescribed form.
  2. After getting recommendation by concerned HOD, Incharge. Library Acquisition staff will check the duplication and price.
  3. Finally the request will submit to the Convener Library Affairs for final recommendations and lastly the Director have authority to approve/ not-approve the case.
  4. In case of approval, the book will be acquired for the library.
  5. The same procedure will follow while acquiring the other material like CDs, DVDs etc.

Audit of Library record / Annual Stock Taking
  1. For ensuring the physical presence of the entire informative collection of the library the stock taking is held on yearly basis, by the involvement of almost the entire library staff, in order to make certain the whole procedure error -free and at the end to submit a compact/transparent report to the CUI Competent Authority.
  2. The library Incharge will make a committee for annual stock taking.
  3. The committee will submit a report to Librarian after verifying the library issued and physical resources.
  4. The librarian will check and final the repot and will submit to the library committee for recommendations.
  5. After fulfill the observations of the committee and Librarian fill finally submit this report to Campus Director for approval.
  6. After approval of the Director, the librarian will write off the record form the registers and on the OPAC as well.

Cyberspace Rules
  1. All web links having pornographic and other irrelevant items/materials are carefully blocked from the main server room and any deviation, by any means, at any point is suddenly detected which is further stopped and the user is strictly warned.
  2. Such type of activity will be reported to System Administrator, immediately by Electronic Resource Section Incharge.
  3. Apart from that our library staff also keeps careful watch over the entire users in order to ensure the cyberspace rules.

CUI E-Library and research Portals

  1. CUI E-Library has been made accessible through login ID and password so that to keep its resources secure and limited to the CUI students/faculty/researchers only.
  2. The login ID and password is being provided to the users from the circulation incharge via mail from his/her official mail server.
  3. The entire TOCs/abstracts of the CUI research publications have been uploaded to the Research Portal for the browsing of the web visitors.
  4. And request can be made to the concerned for having access to the full-text of the desired research paper.

Giving Briefing to Outside Visitors about CUI Library

  1. Giving briefing/introduction about the basic structure of the Library building, facilities, collection, technology and services is the foremost job to be done by the Librarian.
  2. In case of group of more than 15 visitors, with prior permission of visiting the CUI Library from the Librarian through emails/written letters, should be entertained with tea at the end of their visit.
  3. Photography should be made for each high profile visitors or group of visitors for record purposes.
  4. The help desk incharge will make all the arrangements for said visit.

Library Membership
  1. When a person gets appointment/ admission letter from CUI Lahore, he/ she becomes the member of the library automatically.
  2. After data entry in CUOnline of employee/ student by HR/ Registration, he/ she may access the library resources during library.
  3. The Institute ID card will be used as Library Card.
Following categories are eligible for CUI Lahore library membership:
  • Members of the Institute Faculty, Officers and staff.
  • Fellows, Research Scholars and Adjunct Faculty.
  • Students on the roll of the Institute.

Look After Library Daily Works / Security
Looking after daily works like staff presence/attendance, dealing with students affairs like loss of students bag/mobile or any other such valuable materials or any kind of mishap(if any) should be addressed by the Library staff / section incharge peacefully and as per CUI rules and regulations. Apart from this keeping vigilant watch over the suspicious/uncertain person showing/behaving himself/herself like a CUI student must be kept under constant focus and if there is any possible danger CUI chief security officer must be contacted well in time in order to deal with any possible danger (if any).
  1. In any mishap, incident the library staff / section heads will report to Librarian and as well as to campus security incharge / concerned.
  2. The librarian will immediate report to Convener Library Affairs and to all concerned for immediate action.
  3. 3. In case of fire incident, the library section heads will help the library users to vacate library and all other staff will rush towards fire extinguishers to overcome the problem.

Library Circulation
The library user can access the circulation counter to get the library resources. In case of any help to find out the library material, he/she may contact the help desk or any library staff member.
The books will be issued as per following rules.
  1. Only library registered members can borrow material.
  2. Members of the library shall be entitled to borrow books from the library except following books:
    • Reference books like encyclopedias, dictionaries, reports and other reference material.
    • Reserved books.
    • Rare books and protected documents.
    • Microfilms, autographs, type-records etc.
    • Current Magazines / Journals.
    • Any other material at the discretion of the Librarian.
  3. Only good conditions books will be issued to the library users.
  4. In case, a book is urgently required, the Incharge of the library may recall it at short notice any time and such book shall be returned immediately by the borrower.
  5. Faculty and staff are entitled to borrow books (excluding text/ reference books and general reference books) for a period of one semester as per following limits:
    • Professor / Deans / Associated Professors (10 Books)
    • Assistant Professors / Lectures (05 Books)
    • Juniors Lectures/ Research Associates/ Teaching assistance (03 Books)
    • Staff (02 Books)
  6. Students are entitled to borrow books (excluding text / reference books and general reference books) for a period of 15 days as per following limits:-
    • Undergraduate Students (02 Books)
    • Graduates Students (04 Books)
  7. The issued books can be reserved by any library users.
  8. After 48 hours the reservations will be cancelled, if not borrow by the concerned library user, within time limit.
  9. To get the library material the physical presence of library users is compulsory.
  10. The procedure to get the resources other than books are same as above.

Library Theft and Students Conduct

  1. In case of any theft from library users, the librarian will send written report to Campus Disciplinary Committee through Convener Library Affairs.
  2. Until the decision of the committee, the membership of concerned user will be terminated.
  3. In case of misbehave of library users with library staff; the Librarian will fix the fine to defaulter, after hearing the both sides.

Library stationary / Printing & Acquisition

  1. At the end of every semester, with the consultancy of all section heads, the library stationary incharge will prepare the list to get the library stationary item from main store.
  2. The written request on prescribed form will be generated to store and after getting the items, the entry of same items will be made in the library stock register.
  3. The stationary will be issued to library staff after getting signature on the stock register.
  4. For printing purposes, the concerned section heads will send request to library stationary incharge with quantity and sample.
  5. The stationary incharge will get approval from the Director through Library and Convener Library Affairs.
  6. The approval will be sent to campus purchase officer to get printing for the library.

Managing Book Exhibition, World Book Day and other Book Promotion Activities

  1. Managing book exhibition, of well-known vendors, four times in each year especially during the start of semester should be held for the witness of students, teaching staff and for collection development of the Library.
  2. Apart from this celebrating World Book Day and such other books/Library related activities/practices should be held in order to be in the focus of other educational institutes/universities having large Libraries.
  3. The acquisition incharge will be responsible for arranging the book exhibitioin.

Managing Duties Roster

  1. The duties of the Library staff will have to be changed on bi-annually or any time as per the requirements/loads of works in a specific Library section.
  2. The Librarian, while making duty roster, will have to manage/assign duties, keeping in view the needs of each sections.
  3. Copy of the duty roster is to be given/distributed to all staff at the end/before the start of each semester.

Overall maintenance of Library Building, Materials and Equipments

  1. Taking care of Library building, equipments and materials is the core responsibility to be felt by ll Library staff / section incharge/s. Maintenance of building, equipments and materials is very important and if there is any damage/loss observed it must be brought to the notice of the works department by putting written Note through Librarian.
  2. After sending letter to the concerned department, if no action is seen for couple of days or week then reminder, of the already sent letter, must be sent having comments of the Librarian.
  3. Also continuous follow up should be conducted by phone calls/visiting the concerned office until the problem/matter is solved
  4. For computer and its related accessories, online request on “HELPDESK” will be generated from the Incharge Electronic Resource Section and will inform the Library Incharge as well.
  5. The inventory record will maintain for all the outgoing library resources and equipments.

Observing Fire Security

  1. Purpose
  2. The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to elucidate the fire safety protocols at Library
  3. Scope
  4. This SOP is applicable to all at Library and any visitors who may be present at Library
  5. Procedure
  6. Please note: In case of fire emergency, the fire alarm will switch on manually by library attendant.
    Being Prepared
    • All fire exit signs MUST be visible from each work place i.e. sections, offices, library hall, etc.
    • Emergency fire exits must be clear
    • The Departmental Safety Officer must conduct a fire drill once a month on any date to train and monitor readiness of library staff to deal with a fire situation
    • The Departmental Safety Officer must ensure that the rehearsed fire drill is enforced in case of a fire emergency and every one complies
    • The Departmental Safety Officer must ensure relevant fire extinguishers are present in fire-prone areas in the premises
    In the event of a fire/explosion
    • All at library shall leave everything and follow the fire exit directions on the walls
    • If a fire incident takes place and the fire alarms do not go off, immediately inform the Departmental Safety Officer and those around you
    • In the event when the extent of fire is small and contained, only those who have undergone fire safety training by the Departmental Safety Officer may resort to using the fire-specific fire extinguishers present near by
    • The Departmental Safety Officer shall call or depute a responsible individual to call Rescue 1122 immediately
    • It is MUST for all staff members to assemble outside the building at the designated area.

Planning, Implementation of Library Policies and Practices

  1. Devising making and framing of Library policies is the most important/core job of the Librarian and his supporting staff, and putting these policies in practices with the approval of the Director and Convener Library Affairs, for achieving some goals, in order to keep the Library staff, services, collections more and more user oriented and to keep the Library on standardized national / international level.
  2. Get the instructions in written / oral form from competent authority i.e. Director, Convener Library Affaris and Library Committee
  3. Make the plan to implement with consultancy of Library Section Incharge
  4. Implement instructions as per spirit.

Quality Services / User Survey

  1. To provide the quality services and to know the needs of library users, a survey will be conducted, time to time.
  2. The survey will be conducted online and the analysis of the survey will be shared will concerned authorities.

Regular Backup of Circulation / Library Record

  1. The Circulation Incharge will get the regular backup in hard and soft format on weekly basis.
  2. The concerned will spare the sufficient space in his system for archives.
  3. All records will be deleted except last three records.

Reservation of Library Material

  1. For issued books, the user can reserve the book through his / her login name.
  2. When book arrive in the library, the circulation incharge place the book in reserved shelf books and will intimate to concern through email or sms.
  3. The reservation will be cancelled if user not gets issued the book within two working days.

Reminder for Overdue Books and Fines

  1. At the end of every semester, a reminder for overdue books will be sent to all concerned by the circulation incharge.
  2. If the defaulter not cleared the library account, the circulation service may be terminated for library defaulter.
  3. For overdue books, the circulation incharge not only block the library account but also will give the fine slip to concern and he/she will get the voucher from accounts and will deposit in the bank.
  4. After present the bank slip at the circulation counter, the circulation incharge will clear the library account of the defaulter.
  5. The lost item will be paid as per rule and as per above mentioned procedure.

Serial / Newspapers Subscription

  1. The faculty member of CUI Lahore can send request for subscription of Journal/ Magazine related to his / her field.
  2. The journal / magazine should be recommended from concerned HOD / Incharge.
  3. The faculty member will send a written request after getting recommendation of concerned HOD.
  4. If budget allows, the incharge serial section will get the quotations from at least two vendors,
  5. Through Librarian, the serial section incharge will forward this application along with quotation to convener library affairs for final recommendations.
  6. Finally the Director have authority to approve or not-approved the request.
  7. If Director approve the request, the serial section incharge will send a supply order along with original cheque to lowest bidder in quotations.

Shelve Management

  1. All the library resources will be arranged as per international standard.
  2. Dewey Decimal Scheme will be used for classification of library resources.
  3. The library attendants will shelf the books on daily basis.
  4. The senior staff members will be responsible for proper shelving and for the purpose they will allocate the shelves.

Staff Development Through Recruitment, Training and Refresher Courses

Staff development is the essential task to be taken by the Librarian by new recruitment if there is any need in any section which cannot be overcome by the already existing staff. Apart from this for keeping the knowledge/experience of the existing staff up-to-date, certain measures should be taken regularly for holding some training and such other refresher courses in order to keep their knowledge/experience according to the contemporary needs.

  1. For staff training, the librarian will prepare the plan and will get approval from Convener Library Affairs and Director.
  2. After approval, the librarian will give training to library staff.
  3. For national training, the librarian will send request to competent authority and after approval he or his nominee will attend the same.
  4. After getting national training, the concerned will deliver same to other library staff.

Use of Library facilities

All the resources can be accessed by all library users during library hours.
  1. In case of study in the library, after consultation of the book(s) are to be left on the reading table, which will be shelved by the library staff at the exact place according to classification, standard.
  2. The library staff will follow the international library standards.
  3. The library services will be providing only those library users which are in proper dress and the COMSATS ID card.
  4. The library rules will strictly be followed by all library users
  5. The library staff will follow the international Library standards.

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