Regulations Relating To Use Of Library


  1. It is deemed necessary to create congenial atmosphere in the library for its effective use, proper maintenance of the books, journals and publications etc. Besides this, the follow-up of timely return of books and up-to-date record of all library materials are of vital importance for the upkeep of the library. The following Regulations establish rules for permissible use and handling of the library facilities.


  1. These Regulations, which have been framed in pursuance to sections 18 (2) (g) of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Ordinance 2000, shall be called the “COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Regulations Relating To Use of Library”.


  1. These Regulations shall come into force with immediate effect.


  1. These Regulations apply to all the users of institute Library facilities.


  1. In these regulations, unless there is anything repugnant to the subject or context, the following expressions shall have the meanings hereby respectively assigned to them as under:
    1. “Campus ” means a constituent campus of the Institute
    2. “Faculty” means a teaching staff of the Institute
    3. “Institute” means COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
    4. “Librarians” means the heads of the library information services of the respective campuses
    5. “Officers” means the officers of the Institute
    6. “Rector” means Rector of the Institute
    7. “Staff” means administrative/support staff of the Institute
    8. “Student” means the student of the Institute


  1. The use of Institute Library shall be open to the members of the following categories:
    1. Members of the Institute Faculty Officers and Staff.
    2. Fellows, Research Scholars and Adjunct Faculty.
    3. Students on the roll of the Institute.
  2. Students are entitled to borrow books(excluding text reference books and general reference books) as per following limits for a period of four weeks:
    1. Undergraduate students       Two books
    2. Graduates Students              Four books
  3. Faculty and staff are entitled to borrow books (excluding text/reference books and general reference books) for a period of one semester as per following limits:
    Professors/Deans/Advisors/Associate Professors 10 books
    Officers 6 books
    Assistant Professors/Lecturers 5 books
    Research Associate/Teaching Assistants 3 books
    Staff 2 books
  4. The borrowed books will be renewed for a further period of four weeks, if these have not been reserved for another user. Over-due books will not be re-issued.
  5. Books and other material of the following description shall not be issued to borrowers but may be consulted to the library during working hours with the permission of the Librarian.
    1. Reference books like Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Reports and other reference materials
    2. Reserved books
    3. Rare books and protected documents
    4. Microfilms, manuscripts
    5. Periodicals.
    6. Any other material at the discretion of the Librarian
  6. Mutilation of library material is a crime resulting in disciplinary action. However, books accidentally damaged should be reported promptly so that suitable assessment may be made and damages recovered.
  7. In case a book in urgently required, the Librarian may recall it at short notice any time and such a book shall be returned immediately by the borrower.
  8. If a library ticket is lost or damaged. Rs.100.00 will be charged for a new library ticket.
  9. New arrivals of books, periodicals, journals, research reports and other materials of interest shall be notified by the Librarian to the Chairmen/Heads of various Departments from time to time.
  10. Members of the Library shall be entitled to borrow books from the library except those books, which are especially mentioned in rule 10 below.


  1. Users are not allowed to bring their personal belongings in the library. All members are required to leave their personals belongings (books, files, briefcases, handbags, registers, etc.) at the entrance of the library at designated place.
  2. Users are not allowed to write, underline or mark the library books. The library books are carefully examined on return and the borrower shall be held responsible for damaging or causing loss of library materials in their possession.
  3. In case of study in the library, after consultation the book(s) are to be left on the reading table, which will be shelved by the library staff at the exact place according to Call Numbers(s).
  4. Complete silence should be observed inside the library except for brief and subdued talk with the library staff at the Circulation Desk or in any other Section of the library.
  5. Drinks and edibles are not allowed in the library.
  6. Use of mobile mobile phones and smoking are strictly prohibited inside the library.
  7. Sleeping / loud talk / un-necessary discussion / disturbance / feet on tables and chairs /loud arguments with colleagues is not allowed in the library.


  1. The violation of library rules may result in following fines:
    1. A fine of Rs.10 per book, perday (starting after the close of library on due date) will be charged for late returns.
    2. In case of loss of books(s) the lost book will have to be replaced .For out of print tiles the amount equal to five times the original purchase price of the book(s) will be charged.
    3. The total cost of damaged or lost material which can be replaced, shall be charged.
    4. Those borrowers who have lost books shall not be allowed to borrow any library material until the lost materials have been replaced.


  1. The Circulation Desk may be consulted while using the following services:
    1. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
    2. Audi/Visual Materials, CDs and Diskettes
    3. Multi-media library
  2. The Librarian has the authority to immediately stop issuance of library materials or discontinue the Reading Room’ facilities for the student are violating these regulations.

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