About Us


  • To serve the advancement of teaching, learning and research within the institution by providing solutions to the information needs of our clients through efficient, effective and innovative services.
  • To bring the much dreamed advancement in our society through information technology, which will change the lives of our people for ever.
  • Let’s grow together. Let’s learn, teach, share and support each other.
Library intends to achieve this by
  • Equipping our students with ideas and skills for making a difference in our society and becoming the real agent of change
  • Bringing novel ideas, unmatchable products and unsurpassable services to set standards for others<
  • Strategic partnership with knowledge organizations in general and industry in particular
  • Providing a supporting and enabling environment to the talented faculty and outstanding students. This will produce graduates who can distinguish themselves by their professional competence, humanistic outlook, ethical rectitude, pragmatic approach to problem solving, and other organizational and managerial skills


The library, using its allocated resources accomplices as its mission through its following activities
  • To encourage learning by creating learning community and promoting information competency in its constituency by
    1. Creating a learning environment and experiences that produce competency in the use of resources and in research methodologies
    2. Designing instructional services and programs that foster learning and collaboration with faculty in other academic units of CIIT
    3. Offering customer oriented assistance in selecting, locating and using resources
    4. Providing appropriate access to resources by all of its patrons

  • To provide access to recorded knowledge and information resources by
    1. Acquiring balanced information and knowledge resources to support CIIT’s academic programs
    2. Providing fast and timely access to local and international books and information resources
    3. Participating in resource sharing programs, including cooperative purchasing for all centres, mutual library use, inter library loan, and document delivery services

  • To provide infrastructure for supporting information needs of the users by
    1. Providing books, periodicals and journals using information technology to meet changing information needs of the users
    2. Providing well-equipped and secure facilities that encourage study and learning
    3. Marinating suitable number of workstations to support the use of IT services like computing, printing, scanning, photocopying and internet etc.
    4. Developing a consistent, easy to use and identifiable interface to library resources for use through internet

  • As a dynamic organization that evolves to meet changing needs by
    1. Assessing its effectiveness in a variety of ways including periodic user’s needs and satisfaction surveys
    2. Building an organizational structure that anticipates changing information technologies to meet patrons needs and expectations
    3. Encouraging professional growth and career development of its staff


Message by the Library Incharge

A well-equipped and managed library can play a vital role in academic and research activities of any university. The library equally shares its role towards the research activities and this kind of research can enhanced the status of the institute. The main function of a university library is to provide up-to-date information to the academic
community in general and researchers in particular. The library can also play a pivotal role to achieve the university educational and research objectives. Any university, in the world, cannot achieve its goals and objectives unless and until they have well-equipped library with well-trained library professionals

The CUI Lahore Library is functioning as Information Resources Center for the campus community and provides a wide range of up to date information through different kind of materials. All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to make full use of the available resources. Currently library has more than 15,000 hardbound volumes on different subjects such as , Management Sciences, Economics, Computer Engineering , Telecom Engineering , Computer Sciences , Physics Mathematics , Architecture and Design ,Bio-Informatics Sciences, Social Sciences ,English ,Urdu ,and Islamic Literature.

The library has open shelves collection with vide range of variety on books, Audio-Visual Material, CDs, DVDs, Data Bases, News Papers, National and International Journals / Magazines, Thesis, Projects, Company Reports and many more. Latest terminals with internet facilities are available for library users to access the OPAC and e-Resources. The Library also have the reference material in different formats like Encyclopedias , Dictionaries, Atlases, Year Books, Hand Books for reading and research purposes.

The Library has more than 30,000 online research journals / Magazines and more than 50,000 books on different subjects through HEC Digital Library Program. A variety of Periodical, Newspapers clipping on different subject is provided to all faculty, Staff members via e-mail

The CUI Lahore Library is providing services to it users with the aim that "Right Information at Right Time". Our on-line services such as current awareness and Journal Content Services are the benchmark of CUI Lahore Library. Well-trained library staff is always there to give services to the library patrons. I welcome you on our official site. Please access the links and explore the world of knowledge.

In last but not least, I would like to pay my thanks to the CIIT Software Engineers particular Mansoor Sheraz for designing and developing of this site. Mansoor is very expert software engineer and skillful professional. For customization and installation of social networking links of the site, the services of Mr Ata-ur-Rehman, Manager Library at National Center for Physics (NCS) are noteworthy. He always obliged us with his technical guidance and support. Last but not least, the library staff particularly Ms Ambreen Naz, who has done this assignment very amicably.