1st International Symposium on Tissue Engineering: Building Linkages (Clinicians, Industry & Scientists)


Our One-Day symposium, Tissue Engineering; Building Linkages (Clinicians, Industry & Scientists) 2018, focuses on creating cooperation between the identified stakeholders for tangible outputs through collaborative trans-boundary translational research and development. Understanding of the requirements of the clinicians is critical for clever experimental design aimed at true life applications. Focus on ethics and regulatory affairs is important to safeguard human health and offer high quality medical solutions. Foreign participation in the event brings crucial global relevance and out of the box thinking. Therefore, as Pakistan makes efforts towards economic recovery and providing its citizens with good health services – support for our workshop and IRCBM can bring immense impetus in the popularization of this field and result in a socially motivated biomedical materials and tissue engineering healthcare system and related industry.

Venue : IRCBM Meeting Room

Symposium Date : September 25, 2018

Registration Fee : 1000 PKR

Last date for registration : September 03, 2018


  • Skin Repair & Regeneration
  • Nerve Tissue Regeneration
  • Nanotechnology & Drug Delivery
  • Materials for Cancer Treatment
  • Non-healing Chronic Ulcer Wounds
  • Anti-microbial & Pro-angiogenic Wound Dressings
  • Cartilage Repair


  • Synergising Industry and academia in Pakistan
  • Facilitation of industry-scientists-clinician linkages
  • Tuning for productivity & joint ventures
  • Promotion of Interdisciplinary Research
  • Indulge public/private sector in biomedical materials research & development
  • Adopting bio and research ethics protocols

Industrial Partners

Symposium Secretariat

IRCBM, COMSATS University Islamabad,
Lahore Campus
Email: iste@ciitlahore.edu.pk
Phone: +92 (42) 111-001-007 Ext: 828