International Collaborations

a. University College London (Prof. Jawwad Darr, Department of Chemistry)

Prof. Jawwad A Darrs' research addresses application of green chemistry principles and use of clean technologies for rapid synthesis of nanoparticles and/or novel inorganic materials. This utilizes high pressure engineering, supercritical fluids, automation and chemistry. Prof. Darr has also successfully automated and scaled up nanoparticle synthesis methodology.

Prof. Darr is a regular visitor at IRCBM CIIT Lahore. In addition to his key talks and workshops at IRCBMs flaghship ISBM Symposia series Prof. Darr also hosts visitors from IRCBM. His collaboration has resulted in successful scale up of IRCBMs prototypes and is currently focused on critical evaluation of IRCBMs bone fillers.

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b. University of Perpignan (Prof. Jean Louis Marty)

Dr. Jean Louis Marty obtained his PhD (1980) from University of Montpellier. Since 1993, He is a full professor of Biotechnology at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia. His research interests focus on bio-analytical chemistry. He is a specialist of biosensors : enzyme sensors , immunosensors and aptasensors. He has over 240 publications including book chapters and text books. Professor Marty belongs to the Editorial Advisory Boards of some journals. Moreover, Professor Marty is co-founder of the company GTP Technology. Prof Marty is also working as scientific advisor to the French prime minister, and as well acting as vise president for international student affairs at Universite de Perpignan.

Biosensor group at IRCBM is working in close collaboration with prof Marty group at Perpignan. The collaboration has resulted in the publication of more than 15 joint research articles. Currently, collaborative research projects based on the monitoring of analytes of medical interest are on going. Prof Marty has recently visited IRCBM to sign an official research MoU. Moreover he has participated in the international symposium organized by IRCBM. This collaboration has also resulted in the mutual research visits of the two partners research group.

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