Message by Head IRCBM

With a population of 180 million people Pakistan is one of the biggest countries in the world (population based). One of the key areas of concern is Pakistan’s health sector. Naturally, a large population exposed to several extremities which influence health will have a large share of problems. But herein, the key strength of Pakistan is to be found. There is a significant amount of creativity and innovation amongst our health care professionals. It is perhaps due to this battle-hardened approach that Pakistan’s healthcare professionals find key utilization globally. With a major increase in focus and hence HR in higher education sector (with close to 10,000 Phds in Pakistan now), Pakistan stands at a junction where scientist-clinician interaction is crucial and also inevitable. For scientists returning to Pakistan, applied research presents itself as an actualization of their professional selves. For clinicians in Pakistan, this interaction holds the promise of new frontiers and a chance to end crippling reliance on expensive imports. For the industry, this interaction may prove to be a gold mine for entrepreneurial and indigenously sustainable ventures.

IRCBM therefore came into existence as result of this inevitability. With the aims of championing national linkages for true research and development with a global relevance in Biomedical Materials and Tissue Engineering, IRCBM is Pakistan’s first and only centre working in this key area. New-age biomedical materials are not developed in Pakistan and if available at all, need to be imported at exuberant costs unaffordable by the common man. With a team of 19 PhDs and 20 MS/BS level researchers, IRCBM approaches its task in the form of strong research groups; Bone Repair and Regeneration, Soft Tissue Engineering, Dental Materials, Sensors and Biosensors. IRCBM comprises of 7 well-equipped labs well kitted for synthesis, processing and characterization of materials for biomedical applications. With key collaborations in UK, France, Singapore and USA IRCBM operates as a hub of biomaterials research activity. IRCBM training cell, IRCBM Testing Services and Research Visitor Hosting and Internship Program are key aspects of IRCBMs modus operandi. IRCBMs researchers publish regularly in peer-reviewed international journals and are taking great strides towards commercialization of their prototypes. With several patent applications filed and 1 US patent approved, IRCBM is well-poised to launch affordable quality biomaterials in Pakistan.

Please go through our website. If you are interested in collaborative work at any front, please do contact us. We are keen on interacting with medical professionals, students and industry – both nationally and internationally. We look forward to your support!

Dr. Aqif Anwar Chaudhry