Commercialized Technologies

    • Mycotoxin Detector – Technology Licensed to EcoGlobal Foods Pvt Ltd. Include
      • IRCBMs Mycotoxin Detector aims at providing on-site access to quality assurance regarding toxins in food products to the farmers. With an interactive graphic user interface, this technology aims to mitigate Pakistan’s export challenges regarding quality compliance. Mycotoxins in food products are carcinogenic and food products are subjected to stringest quality checks the world over
      • Innovator - Dr. Akhtar Hayat
    • Woundcare Products – Technology Licensed to Cotton Craft (PVT) Ltd
      • IRCBMs wound care technology aims at healing wounds
      • Innovator – Dr. M. Yar (TI)

Life-saving Biomaterials
Pakistan’s first Trauma Haemostat

  • CUI (a public sector University of the Ministry of Science and Technology) & Cotton Craft (Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Medical Devices, Surgical Dressing Goods) Pakistan signed an agreement to commercialize a wound-care products, KytoStat® and KytoGraft®, a hydrogel, that stops bleeding instantly and helps faster Wound healing respectively synthesized by inexpensive indigenous polymer, invented by a team leading by Dr. Muhammad Yar (T.I.), Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Biomedical Materials (IRCBM), CUI Lahore. This agreement exhibited an Excellent example of university tech transfer and industry-university linkage. Thousands burn injury patients and over 33 million people (many of these patients end up with diabetic foot ulcers) with diabetes in Pakistan, these products hold extensive clinical use potential. Also, these innovative low-cost local products have an extensive socio-economic impact to benefit society with sustainable local industrial growth. These both products are being used in clinic in Pakistan. KytoStat® is Pakistan’s first trauma hemostat.
  • Recently, two patents have been granted by IPO Pakistan on these both products.

All emergencies’ centers at hospitals, burn and diabetic foot ulcer clinics, 1122, armed forces and allied institutes are the major users of these lifesaving biomaterials.

    • Woundcare Products – Technology Licenses to Cannenta PTY Ltd
      • Introduct
      • Innovator – Dr. M. Yar (TI)

Pro-angiogenic Biomaterials for global use
Cannenta Pty Australia is a biotechnology company established to bring affordable, effective advanced wound care products to global markets. Cannenta, in collaboration with Department of Materials, Science & Engineering, Kroto Research Institute, University of Sheffield, UK, and the Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Biomedical Materials, COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan is going to commercialize a unique bio-active factor, 2-deoxy D- Ribose (2dDR), in angiogenic wound care products for chronic wounds, such as Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Venous Leg Ulcers, Pressure Ulcers (bed sores) as well as Partial and Full Thickness Burns and Trauma Wounds. This robust and effective technology has been patented. 2dDR has the potential to be used widely by clinicians as a first line of treatment for moderate chronic wounds to assist in preventing development of more serious and very difficult-to-treat severe wounds. Cannenta is planning human trials for the first product in Australia.
Cannenta has signed heads of agreements with Chinese and USA based companies to bring these pro-angiogenic dressings in global markets (

Cannenta – Advanced Wound Care