Research Groups

Functional Polymer and Rubber Chemistry Group (FPRCG)

Our vision revolves around expanding the horizons of polymer science and engineering to create novel materials that tackle pressing societal issues which involve developing new polymers with unique properties i.e., sustainability, biodegradability, and recyclability, improving existing polymer manufacturing processes, and exploring new applications for polymers in various industries. To achieve our vision, we mainly aim to discover new polymerization techniques, develop advanced polymer processing methods, and investigate the structure-property relationships of polymeric materials on a variety of research areas. We strive our collaboration with other research groups and industry partners to develop new materials and technologies into practical applications that benefit society. Our vision is likely to be driven by a desire to create innovative materials that can have a positive impact on society, the environment, and the economy.

Computational Chemistry Group (CCG)

Computational chemistry uses computer simulations to assist in solving chemical problem. Nowadays, computational chemistry has gained great importance in the field of chemistry and material sciences. Computational chemistry group is led by Dr. Mazhar Amjad Gilani. Our key areas of research include DFT investigation in sensing, drug delivery, catalysis, nonlinear optics and separation science.

Advanced Materials Design Group (AMDG)

We are offering;

  • Creating interface between academia and industry
  • Identifying new emerging technologies
  • Creating new uses for establish materials
  • Establishing networks between materials technology

Green Nanomaterials and Electrochemistry Group (GNEG)

Green Nanotechnology and Electrochemistry Research group is actively involved in synthesis of different nanomaterials, particularly focusing on carbon materials and metal oxides nanocomposites. We are focusing on following applications.

  • Water remediation and environmental analysis
  • Energy storage materials for supercapacitors and flexible supercapacitors
  • Detection of biomolecules