Breast Cancer Awareness Session

The "Breast Cancer Awareness Session," organized by the COMSIAN Chemistry Society in collaboration with Shaukat Khanam Hospital at CUI Lahore, marked a significant and informative event aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer among female faculty and students. This session drew participants from various departments, including both students and faculty members, creating a diverse and engaged audience.

The event commenced with a solemn recitation of the Holy Quran, performed by Miss Sunaina, which set the tone for a reflective and informative session. Miss Ifrah, the event host, ensured the smooth flow of the program, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all attendees.

The session featured distinguished guests from the Shaukat Khanam team, Dr. Afroz Mushtaq Khattak, a senior oncologist, and Miss Arham Najeeb from the marketing team. Dr. Khattak delivered a comprehensive presentation, offering insights into breast cancer symptoms, prevention strategies, and self-examination methods. His talk served as a valuable resource for participants to understand the importance of early detection and proactive healthcare. Miss Arham Najeeb, in her presentation, shed light on the initiatives undertaken by Shaukat Khanam Hospital Trust to combat breast cancer specifically. She also discussed upcoming projects, showcasing the ongoing commitment to raising awareness and improving breast cancer care.

Dr. Musfirah, representing the COMSIAN Society and CUI Lahore, delivered closing remarks, expressing gratitude for the collaborative effort in organizing this awareness session. At the conclusion of the session, certificates were presented to the guest speakers in recognition of their valuable contributions to this crucial cause. The certificates served as tokens of appreciation for their efforts in educating and engaging the audience about breast cancer. The event concluded with a tea and snack session, offering participants an opportunity to engage in informal discussions, share their thoughts, and network. This part of the program facilitated interaction among attendees and allowed for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

In summary, the "Breast Cancer Awareness Session" organized by the COMSIAN Chemistry Society in collaboration with Shaukat Khanam Hospital provided a platform for disseminating vital information about breast cancer, promoting preventive measures, and highlighting the efforts of Shaukat Khanam Hospital Trust in the fight against this disease. The event not only informed and educated but also fostered a sense of community and solidarity among female faculty and students at CUI Lahore.

Event Highlights

  • Awareness campaign: Raised breast cancer awareness.
  • Educational sessions: Shared prevention and treatment insights.
  • Guest speakers: Experts inspired with experiences.
  • Screening initiatives: Emphasized early detection importance.
  • Support networks: Connected attendees to resources.
  • Interactive workshops: Promoted self-examinations and health.
  • Symbolic activities: Used pink ribbons for solidarity.
  • Empowerment and hope: Inspired strength and resilience.
  • Social media engagement: Spread awareness online.
  • Community engagement: Brought stakeholders together.