Sports Week in the Chemistry Department

The "Sports Week in the Chemistry Department," orchestrated by the COMSIAN Chemistry Society, brought a unique and engaging dimension to the academic environment, fostering camaraderie, interaction, and healthy competition among students and faculty members. This event featured a diverse range of sports activities, with ludo, badminton, and poker ball matches designed to cater to the interests of both students and faculty.

The sports week showcased an inclusive approach, with equal opportunities for both male and female participants. This approach served to promote gender equality and encourage a sense of unity and participation among all members of the Chemistry Department.

Faculty members, including the Head of Department, Dr. Zulfiqar, and notable individuals such as Dr. Mazhar, Dr. Shahid, Dr. Sadaf, Dr. Sherin, and Sister Sarah, actively participated in ludo matches. These spirited matches not only provided fun and entertainment but also offered a platform for students and faculty to engage on a more personal level, bridging the gap between educators and learners.

The sports week also featured friendly badminton matches, where participants, regardless of their status as students or faculty, competed with enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Dr. Mazhar and Owais Aftab emerged as the champions in the badminton finale, showcasing their exceptional skills and teamwork.

One of the highlights of the sports week was the camaraderie and interactions that transpired. It created an environment where students and faculty could interact outside the usual academic setting, fostering a sense of community and shared interests.

In conclusion, the "Sports Week in the Chemistry Department," organized by the COMSIAN Chemistry Society, not only added an exciting dimension to the academic routine but also played a crucial role in promoting interaction, unity, and friendly competition between students and faculty. This event served as a testament to the inclusive and vibrant atmosphere of the department, where the boundaries between educators and learners blurred, and the spirit of togetherness thrived.