Synopsis Defence Symposium

COMSIAN Chemistry Society organized the "Synopsis Defence Symposium," in the Department of Chemistry at CUI Lahore for third-semester students, which proved to be a significant platform for budding researchers. The event showcased students' preliminary research ideas based on literature, allowing them to present their proposed methodologies and anticipated outcomes while discussing potential practical applications.

The symposium began with Zeeshan reciting the Holy Quran, establishing an atmosphere of respect and solemnity. Ifra Malik, the event host, ensured the smooth flow of presentations. Each student delivered a concise 5–7-minute presentation, followed by a question-and-answer session with faculty members from the Chemistry Department.

This interactive exchange allowed students to receive valuable feedback and suggestions from experienced academics, enhancing the quality and feasibility of their research proposals. Faculty members provided insightful remarks, guiding students toward more promising research avenues and better results.

The "Synopsis Defence Symposium" showcased the students' dedication and enthusiasm and demonstrated the strong support and mentorship provided by the Chemistry Department. It served as a crucial step in refining research ideas and preparing students for their upcoming projects, fostering a culture of academic excellence within the department.