Artistic Research Interests

Mr. Muhammad Ashraf ( -

  • Sublimity & Melancholy: Elasticity of Lahore’s Flora
  • Human Intrusions into Public Spaces: Spillway and Korang River
  • Dissenting Art: Political Cartoon Practice in Pakistan
  • Personal Objects and Effrontery of Political System
  • Curatorial Practices: Format of Large-Scale Art Exhibitions, Tradition vs. Contemporary, Art Practices of Young Artists
  • Artistic Director/Curator KARBATH Artist Residency Program

Ms. Sadia Farooq

Fusion of Refinement and Experimentation via:

  • Focus on the beauty of the Permanent shining through the Transient.
  • Study of spiritual principles through geometric, organic and abstract forms involving meditation.
  • Blurred frontier between sculpture and painting - 3D figures floating in space.
  • Relationship b/w perception, immaterial form, spatial, sensorial effect and perennialism.
  • Neo-miniature painting - traditional tech. with a synthesis of new insights into the social relevance of imperial Mughal art.
  • Investigating popular Visual Vernacular of Pakistan.
  • Preservation, management and uplifting of the Traditional Arts and Cultural Heritage.
  • Pedagogy of Cultural studies and History of Art and Architecture.

Research Projects:

  • Ethnographic Analysis of Qawwali at Sufi Shrines
  • Research Associate for an Exhibition of the 50 years celebration of IAP (Institute of Architects, Pakistan).
  • Designer & trainer for Women empowerment through Crafts in South Punjab, a UNESCO–Norway Funded Project culminating as a Craft Exhibition, “Connecting people through Craft", Lok Virsa Museum, Isd.
  • “Establishment of a Craft Village for the Conservation and Rejuvenation of the dying Arts & Crafts of Sahiwal and Multan, Pakistan”- proj. for the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC).

Ms. Sohphia Miraj

  • Material culture/ regional and cultural studies
  • Site specific installations / public Art Interventions.
  • Popular Culture, Popular Art, Analysing Truck Art and its motifs
  • Teaching pedagogy for Art History in Pakistan.

Ms. Zamania Aslam

  • Irrational world of the subconscious mind.
  • Imagination, unconscious and the conscious.
  • Integration of Art, Music , and Drama .

Mr. Zain Ul Abidin

  • In Design " Vernacular Visual Culture its documentation, archiving and adaptability in Graphic Design"
  • In Photography " Mirassan ", Photo Essay/Boo
  • In Photography "Transgenders", Photo Essay/Boo
  • In Photography "Street Skies", Photo Essay/Book

Mr. Ihtesham Farooqi

  • Black & White Expression Photography.
  • The Interactive vision between Design & Photography.

Ms. Hira Nadeem

  • Learning through making
  • Integration of Art, science and technology
  • Pedagogical approaches, teaching strategies and their learning outcomes in Art and Design Education

Ms. Amna Naveed

  • Environmental Psychology and socio-political aspects of Design

Ms. Maira Khan

  • sustainable, eco-friendly and bio diverse design.