Introduction to the Department


Department of Art and Design at CUI, Lahore Campus is a contemporary facility for Art Education, nestled in Lahore; a vibrant city deemed as Pakistan’s hub of arts, culture, design and built heritage. We at    DoAD believe in integrated learning based on the concept of ‘Culture inspired Avant Gardism’. An interdisciplinary exchange of ideas through various subjects of knowledge; humanities, science, anthropology, psychology, social and cultural studies and their integration and application in the process of art and design studies is department’s cynosure. By placing ourselves firmly in the vivacious context of South East Asia, we seek to achieve a common fellowship of studying the convergence of the East and the West, hence reinforcing the fundamental scholarship of free transmission of ideas while upholding a balance between skill building, analytical and conceptual development.


Our core ideology is ‘thinking through making and making through thinking’ – an interdependent teaching methodology that focuses on:

  • Pragmatic Learning
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking and a creative educational culture
  • Promoting design competencies and setting standards of Art and design education.

Having a learner-centric curriculum and pedagogy we are moving forward with an earnest desire to help students fall in love with learning again through a combination of theory, skills, design projects and field experiences supported by cutting edge collaborative design studio spaces.

Housed in CUI; a ranking University offering diverse range of programs, pursuing new knowledge and more importantly in bringing that knowledge into the economic and social mainstream, DoAD aims to come at par with the top Art Institutions Nationwide. Our academic programs reflect the breadth of our vision guided by experienced faculty and curricula, nurturing communal and environmental good and embracing an ever evolving industry.


Dept. of Art and Design, Lahore encourages practicing:

  • Self-reflection and introspection together with curiosity,
  • Exploration & experimentation bringing out creative ideas into tangible form.
  • Skills in communication, time-management and self-disciplined work ethics
  • Develop professional competency in the market and strong links with industries.

Our mission is to induce independent thinking, ability to challenge traditional beliefs and adopting an inquisitive mind to design for a social purpose. As industries and fields of study are amalgamating and branching off into new domains; artists and designers work freely in diverse disciplines. DoAD, Lahore’s integrative studios, seminars, and projects with a growing array of minor subjects tend to acquaint students with tools and techniques from across the creative field and assist in building new insights and proficiencies.

Our aim is to create innovative makers and critical thinkers with a deep understanding of traditions and the ability to challenge conventions. We pursue to develop an inclusive, creative community of artists and audiences seeking education, contemplation, inspiration, and dialogue.