Research Group: Sensor and Biosensor Group

Research Projects

  • Label free Impedimetric aptasensor for cancer diagnosis
  • Non invasive sensor for diabetes diagnosis
  • Paper based optical sensor for cholesterol monitoring
  • Fabrication of C60/PVA nano fibers by electrospinning for biosensors
  • Synthesis of graphene and its derivatives for biosensing applications
  • Study of DNA attachment with porphyrinic polymers for biosensing applications
  • Band gap reduction of rapidly synthesized TiO2 using metal and non metal dopants
  • Cancer Cells killing by the nanoparticles under irradiation of the visible light
  • Exploring Biomimetic properties of Metal Oxides for Biomedical Applications
  • Multiferroic Nanoparticles for neurological and other Biomedical Applications
  • Decoration of carbon nanotubes with noble metal nanoparticles: applications as Biosensors in biomedical applications
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Mesoporous SiO2/C-graphite Ceramic Material Decorated with Co3O4 Nanostructure: Application as Glucose Sensor
  • SiO2/C/M-Phthalocyanine conducting ceramic material, A new substrate to prepare electrochemical sensors and biosensors
  • SiO2/C/ZnO-NPs preparation, characterization and biosensors application