Message from the Head

With immense pleasure and honour, I welcome you to the Department of Management Sciences. Here at MS Department, we continue to remain focused on enhancing the quality of education (e.g. admissions, examinations, curriculum development and service delivery), R&D andexternal linkages and its facilities. Untiring and relentless commitment, dedication and hard workof the faculty have enabled us to create an echo system featuring niceness culture, trust and recognition for high performance. Our Department instils pride in faculty through inspiring vision and mission statements, by providing a clean and attractive work environment, up-to-dateand user-friendly technology and through providing advance educational opportunities. That helps us shaping up a more participative, compliant, unbiased and transparent culture in the MS department. I believe that an innovative, vibrant and friendly academic environment is one of the enablers of an efficient and charged faculty; and a prosperous campus experience for students. Such attributes are considered imperative in the modern-day education system.

Our vision is to assume a leading role in the future and to be among the top business schools ofthe world. As a demonstration of our progress towards the realization of our vision, the Department has successfully established one of the largest pool of doctoral degree holders in the country and continue to create and maintain linkages and cooperation arrangements with known national and international educational outfits. Furthermore, I feel a great honour to share that majority of our faculty members are foreign qualified, giving a blend of high professionalism with an innovative and cross-cultural mindset to the Department.

The faculty is actively dedicating their time towards teaching, research and administration. They are engaged in quality service delivery through state-of-the-art technology and effective teaching methods coupled with digitally transformed curricula. Their research output in terms of research paper produced in local and international journals, books published, MS/MPhil and PhD students supervised from almost the last ten years is tremendous. We endeavoured to promote a research-focused academic environment in the country by organizing international conferences such as SAICON and Global Forum on Islamic Finance (GFIF) as our annual activities.

All the degree programs (02 undergraduate and 04 graduate) offered are approved and recognized by HEC and accredited with National bodies. Undergraduate programs offered by the Department include Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance (BSAF), Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA). Graduate programs include Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Management Science (MSMS), Master of Sciencein Project Management (MSPM), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). These programs include different areas of specialization such as management, marketing, accounting and finance, project management and supply chain management. With a qualification from the Management Sciences Department, students are well placed to compete in the job market or become an entrepreneur. Vibrancy and passion can take you to unlimited heights.

I welcome you to make the best educational choice that will help you grow and contribute to aresilient and prosperous Pakistan and the world in general as a successful human being.

Dr. Rana Nadir Idrees