Management Sciences Working Paper Series (MSWP)

The purpose of working paper series is to provide productive opportunities for academics and researchers from interdisciplinary field of Management Sciences such as economics, finance, human resource management, marketing, entrepreneurship, project management, organizational behavior, quality management etc. and to meet and share the expertise in the field of Management Sciences. This forum provides a platform for collaborative research for the people associated with all categories of Management Sciences and promotes the research projects.

There is no topic restriction but working paper that advances the theoretical and empirical discussion is welcome. There is a review process that will examine the appropriateness of the content and objective of working paper to be published. The working paper series is an important resource for the Department of Management Sciences to advertise its academic quality. We therefore retain the editorial right to reject the working paper after a review process if the working paper does not meet the standard of research quality.

Paper Submission Guidelines

  • Papers should be between 5000-7000 words in length without abstract and references.
  • Papers should follow the APA style for presentation and referencing.

Please submit your papers by email: